Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Words Left Behind

We have lost count of the days since the last time words once filled these pages. Confident that we won't disappear into the night, the promise of writing didn't follow. We have become complacent; gratified by the terse thought afforded by 140 characters on Twitter. With over a thousand followers in that microblog website, why bother with long-form writing when pint-size narratives can be shared with your audience? 

So we ventured past the cradle, believing this outdated storytelling no longer appeals to our blog readers. With the raketship demands soaring, the two hours spent writing and publishing an entry no longer fits the busy schedule. The stories that were supposed to be penned for posterity have all piled up, accumulating dust in the fringes of our memory. There were many attempts to come back, but nothing had gone past the plan - until today - on the eve of my literary awakening did I make this most serious attempt of returning.

We can no longer deny this calling.

There will be no assurance. No guarantee that this enterprise will work. If this homecoming bears significance; if someone stumbles, and finds time to digest the remnants of these restored pages - read: this is our attempt to carry out what we started 12 years ago. May we remain faithful to the craft until our last breath.

This is Mugen writing back.

*raketship - second job


Oliver Salangad said...

there are just those times when words don't flow as they should..

Anonymous said...

We are just silently waiting Mugen. Nice you are back.


Aris said...

salamat naman at nagbalik ka na. sana magbalik na rin yung iba pa nating mga kaibigan. :)