Friday, January 4, 2013

Poverty of the Gut


Spent the holidays food binging and gym procrastinating. Ergo, I gained mass. I feel it every time I slip in my skin-tight jeans, and wear my medium-sized tees. Family pictures taken showed a much wider girth. My face is puffy. My arms, sagging. 

I returned to Eclipse on the second to reboot my progress. Tough love as Coach Blakedaddy said. It will take some time to undo those nights of reckless drinking and gluttonous eating. And I am not done yet. Parties still line my social calendar. I am still itching to go clubbing. To counter the spooky signs of obesity, I started walking to work again. I've also been abstaining on sugar, leaving my sweet tooth craving for chocolate cookies.

It will be an uphill climb this time. Metabolism has slowed down, and the strength I once had - when I was 28 - is no more. But to stir life into a seasonal campaign; to remind myself that I am bringing back the old times, the presence of an oatmeal lunch box on my work station may induce a poverty of the gut.

A Familiar Sight

But it's an unmistakable reminder that I intend to hit my target no matter the sacrifice. 


Hustin said...

ano yung white stuff?

red the mod said...

I recommend oatmeal cookies. The fruit-enriched variety. That way, you get fiber, a sugar-kick from fruits, and a healthy way of managing your cravings.

But then again, who am I to suggest dietary tactics? I am but a gourmand-by-heart.

JM said...

hustin: based on context, it's probably oatmeal..

joms: the last month saw me taking on potato chips for comfort from stressful work. and it was during the night, thus, optimum fat-storage. not to mention the intakes because of the season. so i am with you in being healthier. kudos to you as you're on and have started on the right track.

JohnM said...

Love quaker oats myself! Judging from this post, I think you're the one I saw along Roxas blvd. =P

Mugen said...


Not sure if I was the one. Pero I was in the area at that time.



Soft spot ko rin ang potato chips!!! I can eat non-stop when there's one laid in front of me. :(


Noted. Of course you can give advise, even if you don't practice it. Your credibility won't suffer because you're my brother. :P


Oatmeal and Powdered Milk.