Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ndoto Blue 001

Ndoto Blue on Canon Powershot A495

Crash, Voreign did, every time the boss makes a phone call about an urgent work-related task. It was crunch time in the office, and also the time I left the workplace early so I can repack the relief goods for the victims of the typhoon. It was a tense situation to be in, where the client threatens to pull out their business, should we fail to comply with their new instructions. It was already difficult to find an Internet cafe to write an email. But for the boss to receive a dropped call, because my phone turns off must have been a very frustrating experience for him. 

I said it would never happen again.

It is less than a year before my old phone gets replaced. The Samsung Galaxy Mini came as a freebie when I signed up for a postpaid plan last year. For all my faith in the Korean brand, the gadget would not last for two years. I could have Voreign fixed the next day, but then, indulgence has been a distraction. I was already contemplating what phone to buy next, should the present finally breaks down. 

Coach Blakedaddy recommended Sony Xperia, since I was looking for a camera that snaps high quality images. Pictures, I could proudly show on Instagram or elsewhere as long as the digital repository complements the artistic merit of my subjects. He also suggested Samsung Galaxy S4, because I am a heavy social media user. But then, when the Mini gave up - prematurely - I had to dismiss the idea of getting another Samsung. 

Overnight, the acquisition of a Sony phone suddenly became appealing to me.



earl | outinmanila said...

Looks really good. I would have preferred the HTC One for design aesthetic, or else the S4.

JM said...

@Earl: Watch out for my next entry. HTC was actually one of my considerations. Hehe.

Welcome to my blog.

Soul Yaoi said...

Looks good! enjoy! I need to get a knew phone too mine is lagging now.