Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Difference A Year Makes

A Horrid Sight

Weakened and famished by a continuous gush of Diarrhea, I arrived home a bit disappointed - and amused at what the house help cooked for dinner. It was a mistake on my part. I didn't tell I'd skip my gym workout to recuperate. 

I was disappointed because of starvation. The last meal I had eaten was lunch, and Chowking's Fish and Tofu in Tausi sauce won't keep me running past 10 in the evening. I was given a piece of Mungbean hopia as snack in the office, but given my weak condition, it was barely enough to fulfill my energy needs. I still had two hours before the end of my shift. 

I was also disappointed because it meant buying food when I should be keeping my spending in check. Lack of appetite soured my mood even worse as my limited meal choices made eating more difficult. I no longer bite pork and beef, and given there's only Jollibee and Chowking across the street, I'd end up with Fried Chicken, which is not really a healthy alternative. 

There's no really choice at all.

Grumbling, my predicament was, I still found amusement at how a difference a year makes. Looking at the Menudo barely untouched on the Sauté Pan, a whiff of its aroma precipitate a flashback to a time when I'd ask the same maid to complement my meal with fried egg. Sunny Side Up. I'd require the Menudo to have more raisins and tomato sauce, and less liver, as I didn't like its bitter aftertaste. And when I'm done with dinner, I'd order the same dish to be served the following week.

There seems to be no end to my craving.  

But something has made me turn my back last year. And I would have a slew of reasons for the sea change. At first, the Mousey Incident was to blame. The imaginary sight of ground mice used as pork substitute culled my appetite. Another imaginary distasteful image would be the method of killing those animals have met with the butcher. Worst would be the idea that the pork or beef being digested inside my stomach turns out to be a double dead animal. A rotting, diseased carcass sold in the market to make up for the loss of the hog raisers. 

Kadiri, you say. The suggestions work for me all the time. However, the real trigger for the pork and beef refuse spring from health reasons. I had to cut my unchecked girth expansion.

And cut it did.

I stared at the dish for sometime and took pictures of it for posterity. When I'm done contemplating as to continue with my accomplishments - a feat unbroken in the face of a porky and beefy Noche Buena and Media Noche these holidays - or revert back to my old ways, the resolution remains that its best to decline the call of instincts and embrace the acquired taste still.

So I left the house, went to a nearby Andok's outlet, and ordered roasted chicken instead.



Simon said...

After backreading your post relating to this. Did your new diet give a significant change to your weight and skin? I heard avoiding red meat gives a person a better facial complexion.

kalansaycollector said...

happy new year jm.

grabe ang hirap sukuan ng meat! lol

anyway, talaga simon? hehe interesting.

Guyrony said...

I am glad you are staying away from red meat nowadays.

I know it's tough doing that so kudos.

@Simon - yes it does give you better complexion, more glowing skin, and less pimples. :)

JM said...


Hi, I'm not really paying attention to my skin as I tend to look old and worn out these days. But as for weight loss management, okay naman siya. Was able to lose 10 lbs and maintain it for 6 months. :)


Mahirap talaga, kaya nga ayaw ko na bumalik sa red meat. Baka magremission ako.


I wish I could be a vegan like you. Haha.

earl | outinmanila said...

Starting seems to be the hardest, until you get the hang of it.

Diwang Bughaw said...

peyborit ko yan!