Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Dated: January 28, 2014


Tomorrow is Mr. Director's Birthday and he has informed us that he will have guests coming from the US. 

Now these guests are also potential clients, who are scouting for an outsourcing company for their Virtual Office Business.

In line with this, all Homebased work will be suspended, and actors are required to wear smart casual attire when they come to work. Mr. Director didn't specify what time his guests would visit and there is a need to occupy seats in the office.

Thank you.


Up I was at 5 in the morning, an hour before the supposed start of my shift. But instead of going to the office, I was heading towards the opposite direction, to the neighborhood of Dangwa, the flower market in Dimasalang. It was still dark and the air, nippy. I haven't taken a bath, nor even brushed my teeth. But the cold weather and foul morning breathe didn't bother. 

I was excited. 

For today's events have my direct hand.

Plans were drawn up only yesterday, when I decided to bring some house plants to the office. After announcing to my colleagues of their permanent placement, they immediately named the Evergreens "Lotlot" and "Matet" for attachment. The plants, of course, were not only for decoration. It has always been my dream to create a verdant work space, and by slowly introducing living objects inside the four dreary walls of our room, such vision may one day become true.

The boss saw the plants and was delighted of their presence. Napamura pa nga siya, to my mild amusement. It was unexpected and creative. A garnish that didn't cost the company a single peso. When he announced the arrival of his guests last week, he didn't say anything about cleaning the office.

It was business as usual.

"Let them see our working environment." He said.

"There is no need to gloss ourselves for their convenience."

But knowing how presentation pays off, I went with the idea. Some agents under me even questioned the need to wear casual attire when it's always been okay to show up rugged for work. But after the memo came out - belatedly - they understood the reason behind the directive.

And so I arrived an hour and a half late, wearing black slacks and long sleeves that used to belong to the ex. The flowers I bought were quickly attended by waiting team mates. After the stems were cut out, and the fresh blooms put together in a China vase I sneaked out of the house,  

The final aesthetics made us all proud.

"Thank you JM."  The boss sent an SMS on my way home the day before our visitors would arrive.

"You're welcome sir." I replied.

But if I were to be as bold, as to announce the cover of my enhancements, I would have said. 

"I'm not done yet."  

Just to lay the cards and tell, how far I'd go to make his birthday and the accomodation of his guests well-remembered.

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