Monday, April 20, 2015

Perhaps, Not In This Lifetime

Out of boredom, or maybe, curiosity, I asked a girl friend in college to read my fortune written in the lines on the palm of my hands. I still recall, like it was yesterday what my secret crush said about tomorrow.

That I will never find true and everlasting love. 

In return, I will enjoy the rest of my days in prosperity.

Though I am a self-confessed fatalist, (believe when I say that I pay close attention to karma that I make a conscious effort to perform acts of kindness days before the Weatherman and I go out) the thought that I'll never settle with someone hasn't really cross the mind.

Until lately.

When I see myself in the near future; when I search within and question if I'm still capable of feeling beyond the affections with my present obsession, no answer ever come.

Perhaps, it's time to believe in what fate has foretold. After this third book finds its closure, there is lingering doubt if I can still afford to drift close into someone's world.

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