Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Epic Fail

It  is quite different when two strangers are genuinely interested to know one another. However,  frustration begins when only one shows attention and the other seems preoccupied with other things.

Day  three of the blind date arrangement and it appears that Fiesta Boy is losing steam.  Blame the mechanics for raising his doubts, but I guess his hesitation comes from having to use a pseudonym to introduce himself to the girl. 

I tried explaining the reasons, but he was always unavailable. On the first day, I sent him a text message after work to ask if he was still up. A reply came the following morning. Attempting to make contact, I asked what time does he arrive home at night.  

The boy stopped replying. 

This behavior only hints of one thing:  That Fiesta Boy has other things in his plate aside from searching for a date. There is no doubt that I have vested interest for such pairing. Beyond annoyance and derision, I  really want to see the guy settled. I  want to see him on our next reunion bringing his girlfriend along, and that girlfriend is a friend of mine.  

You may want to ask why involve myself when I should leave him to his own diskarte.

Truth is, Fiesta Boy hasn't been in a relationship - ever.  The first attempt he tried, the girl became close to me. Rumors started to circulate that I stole the girl from him,  which was taken away from us by another guy who got her pregnant. Anyway, as the years went by, his interests - in movies, poetry,  in religious stuff and his overt dislike of sports made him the target of speculation. Much as I would like to cover-up his tracks, his soft-spoken nature would always make me the much butcher between the two of us. And even if  I suspend my own gaydar, my verdict would be absolute.

Our friends are getting doubtful. Much to Fiesta Boy's denial, they also began to speculate as well.

While there is nothing wrong with our collective assumptions,  I prefer that he should stay where he belongs. Coming out now may further taint the image of the group, which was known in our college as a ruthless gay basher.  Besides, I do not know how a gentle, Soxy Topacio look alike would fare well in this life.  Much as  I would like to be an optimist, histories tell me otherwise.

In  the end, it's not only Fiesta Boy who got a problem.  Even the chick, which I would call Carmen Electra for  this entry began showing signs of out of character too. Perhaps I  have underestimated her urgency to find a date, that she sounded too assertive at times. Gone are the days when her conservative views back in college made her quite prudish in class.  Maybe its out of desperation. I prefer not to know.  

But when she insisted that I should just let them meet so they could discover if there's a spark on their first date - after she was told that Fiesta Boy drives a car - left a bad taste in my mouth. 

I have just been reminded why man to man blind dates hardly work.

Fiesta Boy has until Sunday to ask about Carmen Electra. If he fails to make his presence felt, I would assume he is not interested.  News of this botched blind date would reach the tropa in December.  By geek standards, Carmen Electra is pretty hot. With her chinky eyes, long curly hair, tall stature and slim figure, she's always a good catch.

Not to mention, she has her own school.

And if  the tropa continues to speculate about Fiesta Boy's sexuality and ask me about it. My answer will be plain and simple.

"He's not interested with girls.  What do you want me to think?" 


red the mod said...

There always comes a point when one has to let go and realize that, despite our most genteel and well-meaning intentions, our friends' lives are their own. Just like our conversation earlier this morning, sometimes mulling over it and dwelling on possibilities might be detrimental to your own peace of mind.

Let it simmer and brew. Sunday is a long way from today, a lot could happen between now and then.

I'm not here to judge or advise, I'm sure you already know this. Despite my personal preferences, I do feel your objective of matching that two is well-grounded. However, it may also be likely that both parties are searching for entirely different reasons. That's when compatibility and chemistry gets thrown out the window.

No amount of coaxing will assist the situation.

But then again, I'd rather not be a soothsayer. The two could have a chance, maybe just not now.

jc said...

^ agreed. :)

Spiral Prince said...

You know what they say - you win some, you lose some. Just be there for him, I guess.

Anonymous said...


let us give him the benefit of the doubt about his sexuality...maybe his just not interested as he wanted it his way...

but sooner...if you'll know (hope not)that his into the other side of the coin...

...then there is no such better if not best comfort other than coming from a dear friend...


Kiks said...

well, soxy topacio may simply have to fling his heavy-metal hairbrush on the heads of your homphobic tropa boys. ;-)

Mu[g]en said...


I wish he has the balls to fling his heavy metal hairbrush on the heads of our other tropa.

His passiveness actually makes him a candidate for sainthood.


That's what we have been doing all along. Maybe I'm just frustrated so I brought it up again.

Welcome to my blog. Thanks for dropping by.

Mu[g]en said...


If he's interested to hear my advice. Nung una niyang nalaman na PLU ako, mas ilag pa siya sakin kesa yung ibang mga katropa ko eh. That's why I'm also doing this favor for him. So he would know, I'm much familiar with the straight set-up much like I'm familiar with gay ones.


Naks! Sumagot ang Peacekeeper. Hehehe.

Mu[g]en said...


Perhaps. I just feel too bad that someone killed the chance before it actually became a possibility.

red the mod said...

The chance ain't dead. Just on-hold. Hibernating, so to speak. Cheer up, there's hope for those two. :)

claudiopoi said...

for some reason, mas magaan sa loob na mag set up ng date kung may love life din ikaw. haha. :)

just a thought. :p

Sean said...

baka he's the type na takot talaga and maraming insecurities. may iba atang natotorpe sa date dahil nape-pressure.