Monday, March 7, 2011

Pay Hike

Baabaa and I strolled around Salcedo Park after our Banchetto date was canceled. It was a rainy evening and a sudden cloudburst earlier that night left him stranded at Greenbelt 1.  Cabs were hard to find, so instead of him showing up at the gym to pick me up,  I ended up fetching him instead.

The change of plans slightly soured my mood.  What blew it to pieces was an arrival of someone who double-crossed me in the past.  We were gym buddies and good friends, until I  learned he was telling a friend some not-so-good-things about me.  While I tell myself the issue has been resolved, getting over the betrayal was another matter.  To see him with a gang while my disciples were away made me feel vulnerable in their presence. Riding a cab to Makati from Mandaluyong whose flag-down rate unleashes your sleeping demons wiped all hopes of recovering.     

I showed up to my beloved reeking with bad temper.

But the partner knows how to lift my spirit when it gets broken. I say its sheer talent. (No wonder, he makes friends with everyone, while my ever-reclusive self drives people away)  A short walk from Greenbelt to PBCom Tower; a hearty dinner of Spaghetti and Potato fries at KFC and a stick of Marlboro Black and I felt better. We were at Salcedo Park at past 1 in the morning, horsing around under the trellis.

But it was not how our night ended.

A few rounds of walking at the park and I decided to check my ATM at a nearby bank since it was our payday.

"Fuck!"  I exclaimed. 

"Bakit?"  Baabaa was visibly worried.

"Mas malaki yung balance sa bank ko kesa sa expected salary."

While the recent promotion calls for salary adjustment, the boss had recently spelled out during a management meeting that he cannot afford to raise our compensation yet. I have other explanations to offer such as tax refund or the accountant had mistakenly increased my pay.  It might also be possible that my very prudent (?) spending left extra cash from my previous salary. After all, I don't count my money lately.

The boss had no explanation when I inquired about the mysterious moolah the next day. He was confused at first, (since the agents whose pay falls below their projection are the ones who complains) but said that I should ask for my pay slip so he can review my income.

After all, he claims to sign only  the documents.  

I'm almost sure that it was just an honest mistake. However, if the new projected salary reveals itself as real,  I  wouldn't mind staying in my company beyond the restructuring phase after getting such raise. With extra money available, I treated my partner to a gustatory feast at Sinangag Express the following evening.  

Sinangag Express, La-Salle Taft

Update: Got my payslip and it reveals that nothing has changed in my pay scheme.  Still I don't know how on earth did my salary get doubled.  

I will inform the boss about my findings.



thecuriouscat said...

sana salary raise na yan, enjoy mo yan joms. m glad you find someone that makes you happy. :)

Ms. Chuniverse said...

isama mo ko sa gang mo, at ng makurot ng pinong-pino sa singit ang traitor. choz.

Jpy Dee said...

ang saya pa rin sa kabila ng mga nakakapikong pangyayari. :)

Carlo said...

huwaw congrats sana nga increase na yan sir :)
tama kurutin at kalmutin ang mga traitor. saka sabunutan din lols.

blagadag said...

sana palaging may salary increase para masaya lalo kayong magkasama. sabagay, masaya ka na nga. mas sasaya ka pa sa piling nya. love, love, love!

Will said...

My college dorm for three years was right beside SEx. I miss eating there.

Louie said...

If it's indeed the salary increase, then you might be reaping the fruits of loyalty you have given the company.

Happy na sa lovelife, happy pa ang career! Yaaay! I'm happy for you! Sana nga eh increase na! :)

Eternal Wanderer... said...

nag-SEx pala kayo.


Kane said...


You should throw a party.


Désolé Boy said...

Waaah I had the same "misfortune" last cut off.
Only to find out it was a long time ago "raket" na ngayon lang nabayaran. CHAR!
good times eh? cheers!

red the mod said...

I miss Sinangag Express. Seriously. Nothing beats the saltine goodness of hot garlicky fried rice topped with tapa, or tocino. And of course, the de rigeur sunny side-up.

That park you mentioned? I'm there daily. I get my caffeine fix at the Starbucks across that park. And would sometimes spend late nights there with my books. Our building is nearby.

I have learned not to question blessings. As we receive very few of those these days, I accept what fate allows to come my way. Without question. Especially when its the monetary sort. :)

There could be a number of reasons why it doubled. None of which is within your control.

Although, personally, I wouldn't spend a dime of the double. It might be an accounting error, and they may end up asking for it back. But that's the doomsayer in me talking. You know I get paranoid sometimes. It comes from having both parents as accountants. Hehe.

Question, is this the Sinangag Express at that old and claustrophobic building that's engaged with the LRT Station?

Spiral Prince said...

someone has a fairy godmother. :)

Mu[g]en said...

Spiral Prince:

I'm still crossing my fingers kiddo! I hope it's manna from heaven.


I thought Ayala Park was your hideaway? We should see each other at Salcedo sometime. :)

JC should be the one answering your query since I'm a mere visitor to that fast-food place. If you're referring to the Sinangag Express near Benilde/La Salle, then I guess you're right.


Paubos na rin ang aking nakuha. Huhuhu. Yari ako nito kapag wala akong second salary. :(

Mu[g]en said...


I could throw a lugaw and dried pusit party if you want. Do you think it would cost me less than 500? Lol.


Hahaha! steady lang sila pareho. Hindi ko kaya ang mga major fluctuations.


Hmpft. MagsEX ka rin. Masarap dun!!!


I think for my partner, it was a walk down memory lane? I'm sure nagsesenti ang binata habang kumakain ng Adobosilog.

Mu[g]en said...


Mommy wala pa kaming salary increase. :(


My fault. Dapat hindi ako kumagat sa bitag niya. Anyway, I just have to bear with him.


Yan ang talent ni Baabaa, kaya niya pawiin ang sumpong ko. :)

Mu[g]en said...

Miss Chu:

Huwag na... baka masugid mo siyang tigabasa. :)


What I'm enjoying in 5 months, almost a year mo na ineenjoy. :)

red the mod said...

They both are. Ayala Park for when I wanna think and walk, Salcedo Park for when I wanna read or talk. :)