Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Alien Nation

February 28 2002

A unique and special community was born today with the noble mission of providing an open and healthy forum where men with distinct sexual preferences for both genders are able to share their views and thoughts on this very tricky and controversial subject of bisexuality. We more than congregate and unite, we take this subject elevations higher by dealing with it squarely, honestly and competently. A distinguished group (naks naman!) of students, young professionals and plain sympathizers have come together to introduce this thread in the hope bisexuals can truly have a voice, and a collective personality distinctively from the other gay, lesbians groups that have mushroomed all over the internet. We have no pretensions of being straight-natured  (hell no!), nor do we feel superior above our less discreet brothers in the gay community. We're just a bunch of crazy, hyper, free-spirited guys who happen to be double-crossed by mother nature! The thread hopes to listen to as many voices as possible from fellow PLUs and we wont discriminate on your status in life, nor ask for your school origins and other non-necessities, invaluable to our discussions. The rest of the straight-world are encouraged to jump in and join our animated and sometimes deep discussions of issues relevant to bisexuals and the very discreet gay men. We aspire to be an exciting and intellectually stimulating group for the witty and the not so smart pexing audience for them to better appreciate us loonies for the fascinating lives we did not even choose to live.

Since our thread is new and our thread title, a little intimidating, we would like the rest of the PEX community to see us for what we really are - just regular guys who happen to swing both ways, testing their sexual vulnerabilities and wackiness. We make no bone to stress here that our preference for the same sex is more geared towards men who exhibit insignificant or no traces of femininity. But we do not wish to impose our preferences to the sympathizers and friends of this thread. Sexual preference is a personal and absolute choice. There are instances that a bisexual would fall for the pa-girl type and that would be fine. What we do detest are individuals who claim to be bisexual but speak, talk and think like he's auditioning for Rent and other gay hoopla. We are far more comfortable dealing with guys who are still very much in touch with their masculinity and we know better. There are no definitive rules nor bounderies that would stereotype a bisexual guy, but we refuse to fall under the subjective scrutiny of the gay and straight community for refusing to acknowledge our existence and preference as a single cohesive group. We refuse to be under the blanket authority of people who barely know what it feels to be bisexual. Their insistence that we fall under their very noses, and make us mascots for their less lofty objectives and propaganda is undeserving. Our thread is not meant to compete with similar threads on the subject, we dare to be more transparent and candid about the whole issue, for only a mountain lion knows the terrain and the correctness of its prey. We encourage our bi-pexers to speak openly about their individual experiences in school or in their working environment and how they cope with the challenges facing their not so happy situation. We also believe that bisexuality is not a choice but a hard reality that one has to deal with and we would like to help those troubled or closeted bi's who we believe far outnumbers their gay counterparts.

Since the thread is new it might be subjected to intense scrutiny and criticism, we appeal for your patience and understanding. Like any other thread, we also have the usual set of guidelines to follow but we would definitely encourage our pexers to practice self-censorship and responsibility, inflammatory remarks should be checked, as well as sexually-explicit advances should be refrained. You guys can do the nasty elsewhere but not on the thread itself. Comprende?

Its not always fun and games in the lives of the typical bisexual, we deal a whole gamut of problems and obstacles that would make the life of a heterosexual seem like a breeze. (pare yung walang chalk huh?!!) So we decided a framework of posting gadgets for the boys to tinker on, learn and have fun with the thread. And hopefully the others too may join us in our times of sanity and oddities. Nope this thread is not a vehicle that leads to never-never land. Our dreams and fantasies are too intense to waste on shedding tears, visiting karaoke bars and adopting Madonna...them too we like but there is so much more to life than being gay and stopping there would be a big blunder....huge! We will sail this one with grace, a bag of chips and a handy map for everyone to share and understand.

Posting Gadgets or Points of Interests:

Regular Guy Stuff 

- Celebrate your manhood, pat yourself in the back, tell us 
things you love doing on your leisure and how totally clueless 
people are as to your aah...other inclination?

- Drop that Regine act, we also go crazy over Greenday, 
Parokya ni Edgar, SideA, Slim Shady, Barbie's Cradle, U2, 
Hooty and the Blowfish, and other greats...

- Exchange pleasantries on just about any topic as how 
bisexuals see it....politics, sports, movies, business, the hottest 
vacation spots, network gaming, cars, gadgets, the you know 

- We are not a depressing lot, so feel free to post jokes, share 
websites relevant to the thread and maybe a few stupid info's 
to get us distracted.

- We also wish our pexers to share their experiences inside the 
closet, your laughters and tears and how you overcome the 
little inconveniences while inside that enclosure.

Not a Dating Service 

- Please refrain from asking for people's asl's and stats info, this 
is not some dumb chatroom, pms may serve this purpose 
unless your Brad Pitt!

- You are encouraged to posts general facts about yourself and 
feel free to tell us your story!

Graffitty Corner 

- Loose talk, sweet exchanges, friendly remarks to other pexers 
are encouraged just dont indulge on it too much hehehe,we 
are not guys from Hallmark.

- thread announcements from the bratpack(higher ups), 
suggestions, and reminders

In God We Trust 

- A most sensitive topic of discussion, tell us how is it like to be a 
Christian and being gay or bisexual and how you guys 
reconcile this so-called sexual deviation with your religious 

Girls, girls, girls 

- Some guys like them voluptuous, some prefer the conservative
frame while unanimously we just cant simply get rid of them
from our equation. Tell us what you feel about them girls
and how they sometimes prevent us from turning pink. 

- Straights, bisexual girls and lesbians> please feel free to use
the powder room, the men's bedroom is just right beside

Looking Ahead  

- As a community we hope to look after each other and be like
like brothers in the true sense, there certainly would be 
impediments to this like raging hormones and intrigues but we
hope to provide this kind of environment just the same.

- Iba na talaga may pinagsamahan and we'll drink to that and by
giving sound and practical advice and support, we hope to
make a difference in people's lives.

- EBs are fun practices but we hope to minimize such events to 
prevent people from being alienated from the thread.

- Health concerns for gays and bisexuals are a major issue in
this lifestyle and we hope to provide people the necessary
knowledge to protect us from those aahh, pesky diseases.

Finally, we want to thank everyone for their support and patience. We like to call this our friendly base in the net and we owe the PEX community a gratitude for providing us this humble shelter. Again our deepest thanks and happy pexing to all....

After I've done reading the introduction, (and catching my breath because of the post's sheer length) a little self-assessment and I knew, I belong. While I did find the folks at La Dida fun and super friendly, once they start talking about musicals, art films and beauty pageants, I won't certainly relate. At that time, I have more things in common with lesbians, than with straight-acting gays who are pretty much comfortable with themselves.

So I did leave a message, and announced my intention to join. A Pexer named Masquerade welcomed me into the group. It was because of him that my ties with Rocco, Kirsh and Garppy got stronger. He was our surrogate father, our trusted confidant, and the guy we wanted to be when we grow up. 

And he is not even the founder.

Like in all organizations, rifts appear when ideologies are re-interpreted. Yes, we are masculine and we talked guy stuff on the thread. But along the way, we realized that we cannot isolate ourselves from the rest of the community any longer.

Sooner or later, we will have to show our true colors.

The rift lead to the creation of another group, whose members believe that one can be fabulous and koboy at the same time. Our friendship endures to this very day even when we hardly see each other. 

We have forgotten Alien Nation and its founder, and when the past is brought on the table, we spoke of the topic only in passing. There are much more memories to cherish, and lives to talk about.  

I would have completely forgotten my beginnings as well, until some stroke of luck (or fate) lead me to the person who started it all. And our unexpected bumping at a mall lead me to believe that there's so much catching up and explaining to do.



Mark Joe said...

my exact sentiments!

jetlander said...

interesting... can't wait for the 2nd part :)

the green breaker said...

crazy curious of the No ASL thing really carried out.

Mugen said...


Age doesn't really matter during those days. And yes, we look down on guys who asked us ASL, especially on the thread.


At least you would know what really took place.

Mark Joe:

Didn't get that sentiment part. :)

Jake said...

Ladida! Almost forgot about it hehehe.

My contemporaries will also remember Red Banana, Mint, and that iconic Mr. Piggy's.

Nyak, napaghahalata na edad ko.