Friday, March 30, 2012

The Egalitarian

I wish all our churches and catholic leaders think like this. 

Last weekend, I visited a church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I used to hear Mass the last time I taught there. I saw these words on the Sunday missal: "No matter what your present status in the Catholic Church; No matter what your current … marital situation; No matter what your personal history, age, background, race, etc.; No matter what your own self-image; You are invited, welcomed, accepted, loved and respected here at St. Peter Parish.”

Passage taken from Raul C. Pangalangan's opinion page


Xian Garvida said...

gusto ko ung question niya sa last part ng article "Is the Filipino Catholic capable of being truly catholic?"

#wishfulthinking :)

LanchiE said...

Well said.

cHard said...

I stopped going to church regularly after I've noticed that people will look at me, turn to each other and whisper everytime I attend the service.. =(

Saka less people talk to me also after the service which is really sad..

Jake said...

Nabasa ko din kanina ito sa print edition.

I'll always remember Raul Pangalangan as the jolly, kind teacher who likes to call me during recitations in his class!


RoNRoNTuRoN said...

I wish too... hopefully, someday. Napaka closed-minded kasi ng simbahang katoliko sa Pinas. To the point na hindi na nila nirerespeto ang iba. Hindi naman sila ang Diyos.

the green breaker said...

I think the personal intentions of priests have already clouded their doctor of theology and doctor of divinity titles and judgments. Funny how acceptance can't be assured of even in churches nowadays.