Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Lazy Writer

From a high of 26 blog entries published every month, the number of written works has been cut in half. There are five entries still needing closure, and a dozen more left unfinished in my drafts page.

There are many reasons as to why there seems to be a steady diminishing of words. But I will leave to the observant reader to figure what these reasons are. I have become, a lazy writer, after all. 

There are times I ponder the essence of writing. When thoughts can be distilled in 140 characters, why bother inflating it with 500 words, waste three hours carefully crafting your prose and spend days re-reading your journal, making sure you have written something relevant for those who still bother to read. More than just a dreamy pursuit, I ask, what do I still get from blogging?

I will leave this post hanging as I still need to do some soul-searching for answers. All I'm saying is that I'm struggling - hoping - that my voice would never disappear like the other prolific bloggers before me.