Thursday, April 12, 2012


There were two boys in a corner. One held a guitar, his back was against the wall. He was about to strum his musical instrument, as the other boy watches.

"Madali-dali ang chords nito," the boy with the guitar said.

In front of them was a song book. One that is printed in newsprint and had a glossy front cover. It doesn't matter where the song book came from. The essence was in the music.

- Em: 022000

- CMaj: 332020

- GMaj: 320000

- F#m: 244222

With his tense, unaccustomed fingers, he strummed his guitar as he sang the words. He is still learning, after all.

"A-nother head hangs lowly..."

Printed on the song book were the chords and lyrics of Zombie. A single by The Cranberries and one of the songs that identify with the 90s. In its time, it received generous radio airplay. Almost everyone heard the song and know at least part of the chorus. And for those two boys trying to learn the chords, they were merely hooked to the beat of their time.

Not knowing the music will live on, take roots, and touch their hearts.

The Cranberries were not only known for giving life to Zombie. They also penned the words and breathed music to Linger, Dreams and Ode To My Family. More than the lyrics, these songs carried slices of life, especially for the other boy who merely listened as his friend played the guitar.

The days would grow into years, and from merely listening as others played Zombie with their stringed instrument, the other boy would press keys with his fingers and find the chords of the same song on a piano aided only by his ears.

He failed to finish his composition and abandoned the Cranberries - and the song, as other singles from music artists enamored his ears. A couple of years down the road, he would find himself in a department store. Humming, as he tries to recall another Cranberries' song while assisting a customer during his on-the-job-training.

The song he learned, was Ode To My Family. It would re-acquaint him with the band who turned out to be his introduction to Alternative music.

There were early mornings when he would play Dreams and leave it on playback, as he lies in bed and reminisce his first year in the university. He would think of friends, the good times they had, the sleep-overs they did, and the bonds they made while slowly accepting their imminent partings as the summer vacation approaches

He would play it one night, during their last slumber party. With his buddies sleeping in bed and on the floor, he found himself in front of the stereo. Drowned in sorrow and emptiness, the song - still on playback - was his Prozac. It gave him the resolve to move on and accept what the coming year brings.

All my life
is changing every day
in every possible way

The years now ripe with nostalgia, has let the man see the band, and their songs as vaults of memories. With the boy, listening to his friend perform an acoustic cover of Zombie as the moment from where his  association with the Cranberries began.

While he cannot deny that he has outgrown the band, and the music they have created after the third album was conceived, feelings of attachment remain. After all, the Cranberries and their best songs were the soundtracks of his life.

For this reason, he would have chosen their greatest hits performance as his first attendance in a concert. Not to see the band or hear their songs, performed live in front of an audience, but for the chance to express his gratitude for the music they made.

April 10 was nearing, and yet a ticket has to be bought. A cash flow problem made him decide to pass on this opportunity for another time.

Until a surprise call from Pinoyexchange changed the course of events.

Free Tickets! 

And saw, from the balcony of Upper Box A, the timeless musician herself.

Dolores O' Riordan


shenanigans said...

Nostalgic ang mga songs nila para sa akin. full of memories :)

Pepe said...

ang sarap ng libre!!

the way you wrote this, it is as if i am singing with them their "zombie e-e-e-e-e-e-o)..

cHard said...

reminiscin mode.. those were the days.. ang complications lang sa yata sa aral.. now ang dami na!

but i agree those songs represent some of the best years of my life.. thanks Joms.. =)

Ahmer said...

dreams, one of my favorite songs by them. haaay gusto sana manood nyan.

Nate said...

zombie, peyborit kantahin sa videoke.. :)

Brian said...

nice naman nakawatch ka ng concert tapos libre pa? galing! ☺

LanchiE said...


ShatterShards said...

Kainggit naman, I wanted to watch too, but yeah, cashflow problems, as well as work, prevented me.

Dreams and Animal Instinct, the best!

bien said...

Dreams and Linger for me