Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Project Tumblr

Twice I created a Tumblr account only to abandon the micro-blogging platform a few months later. Is it because I find the interface more difficult to navigate? The free layout lacking aesthetic merit? (on the contrary, a designed page comes with a steep price) Or because I'm not used to re-blogging other people's ideas, and instead prefer to come up with my own?

Sa totoo lang, I find Tumblr users highly creative, and their tumblelogs visually and aurally delectable. At a time when most people are too lazy to read, their thoughts get across on Tumblr. I guess this is the reason why I attempted to put my own one - so I may go beyond the narrative, and instead, share a slice of life without having to come up with a sprawling prose.

Because stories can be told in many ways.

The first time I had a Tumblr account, I published excerpts and passages that don't need to appear in blog form. I didn't have any human connections and the blurbs there are mostly for my eyes alone. Because of its isolation, the Tumblr drifted away as my blog steadily gained prominence. 

Eventually, I forgot even the password of that account.

The second one was inspired by JC's decision to revive his old Tumblr. Ako naman si gaya-gaya, I followed, established a permanent foothold (in case the partner abandons his blog) and tried my best to make it work by linking my infant account with prominent Tumblr celebrities like Ran.

However, the writer's block caught up. I became busy with other stuff and in the end, lack of inspiration forced me to retreat to the shores of Soul Jacker. Ang hirap pala mag-keep ng maraming social media accounts! I wonder how other people could do it?

The Tumblr account, I named Daybreak Embers is supposed to be an after-serving of the Midnight Afterburner. But as I later realized, there is a risk I'd pay less attention to the other - in this case - the blog should I go full throttle with my new project. 

A possibility, which I find completely unacceptable.

Therefore, I leave this dilemma to those who maintain both accounts. Please do tell, what joys does Tumblr give? 

Death By Starbucks

I'm an inch away from closing down my other portal.


Justin said...

Tama, for me Tumblr allows you to share slices of your life na hindi naman kailangan pang i-kwento.

What's good about tumblr is you can follow people of the same interest (like photography, fashion, sports, travel, music, etc) tapos share in your site what you like. Mas sikat siya in sharing photos, videos, and gif's.

What I do is, like what you said is share slices of my life in tumblr na separate sa blogspot. I share memorable photos, videos I like, Quotes I want to share. I don't consider tumblr as an extension of any of my blogs.

Bonus din pla yung I follow porn-ish tumblrlogs. hehe :D

大蛇丸三成 長谷川 said...

I have a tumblr too. However, the magicks blog is turning up to be a porn site ergo, i must make another one.

I find tumblr refreshing. I can "tweet" various things there, i can do whatnots, hell, reblogging and liking is a very ingenious way of sharing what got to you.

So hey, go for it. No such thing as too many blogs. Just like thoughts and experiences, it always enriches us per se. just like that recent adage, take lots of pictures. Youll be glad when you did when youre old

Hindi ko maintindhan ang wordpress tho. So i stuck with tumblr.


the green breaker said...

i've a Tumblr. great as a portfolio of pictures, most Tumblrs are actually filled with pics than text.

i know another person, too, who had many accounts including a Tumblr. he used it to post quotes, conversations, plainly anything. anything that can't be further elaborated as a post.

if you find more reasons than the aforementioned, continue with Tumblr.

my thoughts: whenever i backread my Tumblr, makes me smile, don't know why. maybe bcoz it makes me remember the days, the memories on that day no matter how trivial. (w/c is more unlike a blog, you think too much to come up with a post, then it's just a post.)

Jase said...

My friends love using Tumblr. I gave it a whirl two years ago but I stopped posting after less than 10 entries. Many of them still have active Tumblr accounts.

Most of the reposts there are nice though, especially those photos with random musings written on them. I rarely a Tumblr account that's used as full-blown on-line journal.

I've been thinking of reviving mine just for uploading the random photos I take every day. :P

♔ıǝɹɯɐı♔ said...

For me Tumblr works so much better as a photo blog. And yes, it is harder to navigate that sometimes when i try to post something "wordy", I get discouraged because i cannot even justify it.

Lady Datu said...

I don't get Tumblr. :(

Xian Garvida said...

i also have one, basta kung ano ung maipost ko un na, lahit di na pag-isipan,haha

shenanigans said...

sabi nga ng isang blogger if you want mature audiences sa blog mo mag blogspot ka pero kung wala lang at gusto mo lng mag post ng walang ka-kwenta kwenta mag tumblr ka as tumblr deminishes the "seriousness" in blogging.

eon said...

i've stopped doing tumblr because i did nothing else except repost quirky pics from others.

Little Nikki said...


haha! well, it's probably because i can post vignettes and spam a ton of photos without annoying my followers. i love fashion, photography and typography and tumblr makes them sofa king easy to post.