Monday, May 28, 2012

Dream Journal Twenty Five

I was crouching in a street corner. With my knees folded and my hands pressed against my face. Not far away is a dying man surrounded by a crowd. I could hear them saying, "lumalaki yung ulo niya o!" (his swollen head is about to burst!)  But I didn't care. So are my other two companions who were close by. Their backs turned away from the commotion.

And then without a word, someone wrapped a piece of cloth around my eyes. The stranger then asked me to stand up. I learned that I would lead the grieving procession to the hospital because I'm the only one who could wade through the huge crowd.

With blindfolds on, I started walking. Slowly, making sure not to trip or the heavy object on top of my head would fall. I could feel his coldness with every step, like a slab of metal left inside a freezer. After a few steps, I heard the crowd cheering. Suddenly, the man I was forced to carry regained consciousness and is now healthy and alive. 

The tide of rejoicing pushed me into a curb, while the now electrified crowd continued to carry the man away. I went back to my companions to check how they're doing.  While walking away, I even thanked one of them for healing the sick. (It was hinted in the dream that she's an angel) My friend, who is a dear confidant just smiled and said she didn't do anything.

"Ikaw ang may gawa niyan." (You did it yourself)

The three of us continued walking - me, my college friend and my World History teacher until we reached the main street where we all went our separate ways.


kalansaycollector said...

i attempted to write my dream journal. kaso either nakakalimutan ko or im so tamad. lol

SPLICE said...

I envy you for being able to remember your dreams and write them later in the day. It's fertile ground for writing fiction.

Mugen said...


It's a memory exercise. It's for this reason I have my notepad ready, just in case I had a very profound and surreal dream. :)


Strangely enough, I'm having a hard time writing fiction. Hehe. And I don't write my dreams at a later time, I write it the moment I wake up. Trust me, the details dissipate the more you regain consciousness. :)