Thursday, May 17, 2012


Manang's Chicken Velvet Sundae

A fitness advocate seldom confesses his love for food. For it is a sin to indulge his senses to gustatory delights. He would never tell the sheer joy of exploring the culinary wilderness, and share what he knows with fellow famished pilgrims. 

It's been ages since Souljacker became a food blogger. And because I get invited by Garppy to tag along when he goes around the city to feature the newest feeding places, I join the feast by trying to write the entrees that pleased our bellies. To wield the pen isn't really obligatory. But a gesture of goodwill to our generous hosts who only wanted their fast-food temples get known the 'net over.

So here I am, writing an introduction. I'd be putting words to places my taste buds have been.



Yocco said...

mukhang masarap yan ah

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to visit! You guys are a fun bunch =)


Ronnie said...

That dessert looks delish/devilish LOL.

Masaya sioguro maging food blogger. describe mo what it feels like when a food lands on your tongue.

Gusto ko din maging food or travel blogger pero practice muna as personal blogger LOL.

Mugen said...


I say it's divine. Haven't tried food blogging the way other's write. Until now, I still find it difficult to blend what I've learned in Food Writing and the conventional way bloggers do.


Uy, you really visited my blog. Thanks. Will write about Manang once my other commitments are done.

Thanks again for inviting us.



You should try it!

Anonymous said...

The ice cream looks good! Manang's Chicken is really delicious, I was able to try it once in Mercato Centrale before. Even my colleague from China loved the chicken.

I'm looking forward to your posts on food, Mugen! :D

Vajarl said...

I only tried Manang's Chicken once. Sarap :D But I didn't know they also serve sundae. Mukhang masarap based on the photo :D

Hello, Mugen! :)