Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Eclipse Gym 24/7


It's my gym day but my mind tells me not to go. After all, today is my rest day too, the overcast sky might bring some rain and my pockets are getting shallower with each passing day.

Besides, my pecs, biceps and triceps are still recuperating from my last work out.

But when I think of myself five years ago, when beads of sweat dribbled down my face while Coach Blakedaddy tells me to repeat the exercise again after a wrong execution; when I showed up at 4 in the morning to do bench presses because sleep had evaded me; and when I remember all those times I groaned out of pain and intensity of the work out, and write "fail" on my program only to repeat the same exercise (with less pounds and reps) the next time I showed up,

You would realize that it's been a long, humbling journey and there is no turning back.

So today, I am set to return to the gym. And maybe get to nod at some of those nameless familiar faces, not to get their attention but to recognize that both of you have struggled - going three-times-a-week to do weightlifting inside the power cages; poring over the same exercise program the gym provides and updates - for free; and staying long enough to appreciate that the system really works.

But more than seeing other people, I will return - maybe today, or probably tomorrow in pursuit of perfection: To indulge this craving to lift those Olympic bars and heavy iron plates. For the work out and the gym has not only become a routine. After all these years of pumping, sweating and swinging - for an hour, twice or thrice a week, I have to say that the activity that keeps me fit and confident has now become my lifestyle.



Chip said...

"You would realize that it's been a long, humbling journey and there is no turning back."

- No turning back nga talaga, not because you cannot turn back but because you would not want to turn back after you've seen and felt the benefits of years of religiously working out. :)

MEcoy said...

im planning to work out in the near future too when verythings are settled i guess

Guyrony said...

Perhaps you know where we can genuinely test your level of confidence...

The dance floor.

Or better yet, show yourself soon Joms.

You've been out of sight since God knows when.

Anonymous said...

Naguilty naman ako sa post mo. Nag skip ako ng gym kahapon para mag jog kasama ang mga kaibigan tapos ngayon naman hindi ako makapunta sapagkat masakit ang aking mga binti. :|

"poring over the same exercise program the gym provides and updates - for free"

I'm very thankful to Coach BD and the program Eclipse provides. My friends and family always compliment my progress and the program's key to what I have achieved so far.

I suddenly realized, it will be my first year with Eclipse next week. :D

alex said...

i got inspired by this post! i haven't visited the gym for more than a week already.

Désolé Boy said...

I've been waiting for you to write something about this since I started working out. Thank you. Hopefully, I won't get tired and continue the journey as well. But judging from the intensity of my workout lately (the way my PT would shout at me, urgh!) I guess this will be long journey as well.