Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mister Green

"What's your favorite color, Mugs?"

"Blue." I would answer quickly. "Preferably, Cerulean or Azure, if I may add."

"Are you sure it's your favorite color?"


"I've heard that you were once fond of green."

Not so long ago, I did. 

I was drawn to the darker shade of green for reasons I no longer remember. It must have been the shade's calming effect. Or maybe, it nods to the old days when I used to turn our ancestral home into a literal urban jungle. 

Whatever the reasons, I found it super cool to walk around the campus with my green file case. Inside, there's a green notebook, a green pen with a green ink, and sometimes a pack of Marlboro Menthol whose cigarettes I shove between my lips. 

Not so many people noticed my monochrome taste as almost everyone in college had their idiosyncrasies. Not even the infamous Nokia 3310, with its army-green casing registered in people's memory. One time, I pulled it out of my pocket as I felt it vibrate, when it slipped from my hand and flew under the merciless wheels of a passing Honda Civic.

One phone call to my dad (to make sumbong, what else?) and its LCD was quickly replaced that same afternoon.

My penchant for everything green lasted for a couple of years. I noticed that it gradually waned when I ceased using my file case in favor of a back pack. At a hindsight, the switch to blue also happened during a personal upheaval. The day I started exploring what lies beyond the conventional sexuality, I also began putting some distance between me and the straight world I left behind.

And like most snippets of growing up, I would have forgotten that I once loved the color if not for the file case that sums all my affection for the shade. Coated in dust under my bed, I took it out, wiped it clean and opened it to let its stickers - its remnants tell their stories.

"So you were leaning towards Akbayan Partylist pala ha!?"

"Probably because of Edsa Dos and the first impeachment trial."

"And why do you have a Sogo sticker?"

"Made fun of it. Who would have thought I'd see the place a few years after I put it on."

"And what's this gig in Rockwell?"

"I don't know, maybe an invitation. I used to be a poseur before I discovered Malate."

"Have you switched to Addict Mobile ever?"

"I can't remember. I'm a Globe boy ever since."

The reminiscing didn't take long as I still have to clean the rest of my room. In putting back the file case's contents - mementos that I chose to keep, despite their apparent insignificance - I returned the treasure trove back under the bed, promising myself to keep it well hidden. For it might have well seen, some of the best days of my life.


MEcoy said...

haha blue is also my favorite color back when i was younger but through the years i changes to blackand now to red haha
poor 3310 by the way

Justin said...

natuloy mo na rin pala ang general cleaning mo. :)
naa-amaze ako kung pano mo nagagawan ng story yung simpleng pagkakita sa isang lumang bagay. pati tuloy ako napa-reminisce :D

Mugen said...


Kaya inaabot minsan ng 12 hours ang general cleaning ko kahit ang liit lang ng room ko, kasi most of the time, nahihinto ako kakareminisce. :)


Bakit naging Red na favorite color mo. That 3310 survived for two more years. Ang tigas lang nung phone na yun. Haha. :)

itsMePeriod said...

green and blue is mi paborito!

btw. honkyutkyut naman nung ultraman na nakapeace sign.

red the mod said...

Red used to be my favorite color, back when I was but a nubile and juvenile simpleton. Now I'm partial to the absolutes - black and white.

Also, color for me the choice of color is a creative and emotional barometer. You'd be surprised how complicated my system is on which color family to pick for the day's clothes, specifying and shifting between complimentary, analogous, split-complementary/ analogous, triadic, neutral, or my personal favorite - accented nuetral.

So expect that my boolean palette is never without an accent. :)