Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shifting Perspectives

Put the blame squarely to the bed weather, or maybe to his sheer desire to get everyone's attention. But when Rick M.O. of Twitter suddenly posted a picture of his pinkish hard-on peeping out of his skimpy boxers, I was tempted to post a tweet saying, "have you really sunk so low?" 

I followed his twitter account not just because of his eye-candy physique, but because I was amazed when he made a stand so long ago that he won't pay attention to those - who see Twitter as an extension of their Grindr playground. Hindi ko alam with this people if its because of convenience, or expanding network, or perhaps, in their desire to out-guy one another, they take off every piece of clothing they wear until what's left is that flagpole between their legs. 

And then they flirt around.

Not only does it spoil the mystery, I personally find it cheap - unless you can reinforce it with an equally subversive attitude - like D. Dominik.

The latter is someone I don't follow. But his exploits ripple toward my shores thanks to the people in my social network. I may find his misdeeds quite amusing at certain moods. But his uncanny character will just remain a stuff of legends - one - that becomes a perfect conversation piece over a bottle of booze or a cup of coffee.

As for the issue of hormone-driven men showing off their jewels in places that are meant for a different kind of openness, of voyeurism, their behavior will always remain incomprehensible to me. For even though I had my time as a younger, show-off kid who used to take off his clothes while gyrating like a slut on a ledge, in a club known for its not-so-sleazy atmosphere and adrenaline inducing music, in words and deeds, I cannot remember revealing that thing I guard under my pants.

More than anything else, I may never understand these young men, not because I have embraced a life of quiet domestication. But because I have already gone through my own twisted, contorted phase, and emerged as someone with a changed perspective.

What makes their world spin no longer applies to me.


shenanigans said...

More mystery less history

MEcoy said...

you should have that picture here haha i donnt know that guy but duh showing your hard on is quite desperate way to get notice maybe

Lone wolf Milch said...

that guy's twitter account should be suspended ang bastos. twitter is for socializing only di kabastosan or kamanyakan

Ronnie said...

@Lone Wolf - Apparently, some dude uses TW as their avenue for flirting (or beyond than that, if you know what I mean).

TW, or FB on some occasions, do not restrict such activities (I suppose) unless may magrereport.

Anonymous said...

But the deadliest are those who don't strip clothes and goes around bedding people from Twitter. And yes, they are successful with it. Some unlucky victims would even find their hearts broken, along with the imaginary hymen of their virginity.
I remember the days when I was young, stripping in front of a live webcam in my birth suit competing for attention. I would stroke hard my----- alright, that's too much. I don't follow such people. I find the sight of their twitpics disturbs me which scares the hell out of me. Sign of ageing? Oh no!

-Désolé Boy

red the mod said...

It entails a different level of narcissism to objectify one's body, both as a subject of admiration, as well as an extension of a pregnant ego professing one's subversion against morally suspect parameters. It is, as you have mentioned, a paradigm shift. One that is both self-destructive and self-aggrandizing concurrently. In the end, it becomes a reflection of one's valuation of the self. Whether the act of exposure fulfills the need for consumerism and the lustful, or that it strengthens and reinforces the individual's conception of market value.