Monday, July 2, 2012


Whoever came up with the idea of putting a school on Pag-Asa has a clever mind. Not only did it strengthen the Philippines' claim to the disputed islets, the publicity it created has won the hearts and minds of those who had read the news. 

It was an "aaawww" moment to see those kindergarten kids sitting in green monobloc chairs, while their proud parents stood behind for the class picture. The red and blue flag with three yellow stars and a sun was there too, proudly hoisted to remind everyone who occupies the spot. 

Rival claimants, like the Chinese, would say it's propaganda. But in the court of global opinion, approval is bestowed to the one who first conceives the heartwarming thought. How can another government assert their rights when the outpost itself has a functioning civilian government?

How can it be forcefully taken when young children would become the shooting war's first casualty?

The worst the Chinese can do is ban our produce and send our domestic helpers packing to be replaced by those coming from Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. This will hurt our economy and for this reason, I don't think our national and military-leaning sentiments will serve our interests. 

There is always a crafty way to keep the balance.

The Chinese will always have the military and economic superiority. A fact only the unlearned ones will contest in the online forums. No matter how many second and third - hand warships we send in the West Philippine Sea, (a body of water I shall never recognize) these sea craft will be wiped out once the Chinese destroyers and submarines are deployed in the area. 

We should take hint at the fact that we don't have a single jet fighter guarding our skies. We are no match should hostilities with the Chinese erupt.

The best we can do is shrug our shoulders and let those from Fujian and Guangdong run the place. We must stop reporting belligerent news, which would only anger our Chinese masters. Meanwhile, it's time we put up tourist infrastructure in Kalayaan. A world class, private resort at the heart of the contested islands sounds like a great idea. Imagine rich Korean and Australian tourists in their flashy yachts being escorted by our vintage patrol boats. Watch as these moneyed adventurers hop from sandbar to shoals, enjoying the lush wildlife, which apparently, are being exploited by our neighbors to the north. Picture well-dressed attendants serving French wine to the guests while they lap in their infinity pool. Not far from the shore are Vietnamese patrol boats pointing their guns at passing Taiwanese fishing vessels.

Exciting, Isn't it? And I am not even done yet with my idea. 

How about we send a flotilla of Casino and Spa boats, to be moored at Huangyan Shoal? Not even the disciplined People's Liberation Navy could resist the allure of flashy lights and skimpy-dressed ladies eager to welcome the men of the sea. And like MVP, we can send Ramon Ang to negotiate a joint gas exploration. Between business and warfare, the question will always be what earns profit the quickest?   

While the rest of the nation is busy putting "fun" in the Kalayaan and the rest of the South China Sea, we can seize the moment and upgrade our military. Spain and Greece badly needs money. We might be able to procure their military hardware at half the price. We can also seek donations from the Japanese and Koreans who are equally weary of Chinese incursions. Of course, nothing must come out from these negotiations. 

Not even a three-paragraph news report.

These silly suggestions would never be drawn in blueprints or reach the ears of those in power. But somehow I get their plan. For behind the veil of timidness lies the mastery of deterrence. That sea mishap near the coast of Pangasinan last week was an international incident. There was an obvious cover up to avoid displeasing the already enraged Chinese. As we do these diplomatic maneuvers, something beneath our waters assure that no matter what Beijing's mouthpiece says, a superpower across the globe is watching the events outside our un-watched borders.

To honor an age-old pact: To serve its political interests now that its president will have to seek fresh mandate.

In our midst, a fleet of American Nuclear Submarines has already begun patrolling our seas.



MEcoy said...

I Dont know whats wrong with china just because they discovered bajo de masinloc it doesnt mean its their's to own it is obviously on our property but this chinese are just blinded by greed

Désolé Boy said...

And now we should build bars and clubs and put the "fun" over Panatag Shoal.
Anyway, I have more trust with our present ambassador to China unlike that Domingo Lee. I had the misfortune of hearing him defend his post at the Committee on Appointments and his words are still haunting me to sleep to date.

ShatterShards said...

Let's keep the awwwww effect and present ourselves as the hapless and helpless maltreated daughter of Asia, but at the same time send out militia to try to sabotage these Chinese warships.

If only our government had foresight, we should have long trained our domestic helpers in the art of espionage, and we would be dealing, not with arms and weapons, but in information and scandals. The whole world would've been at our mercy.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing though is that, Beijing if they're serious about it wouldn't even give a f*ck about the children. "China above everything else", that's communist Chinese mentality. There WILL be war.

dabo said...

shattershards thought is priceless. i certainly agree with him.


kalansaycollector said...

i love shatter shards' comment. hehe
yeah let's use that awwwness. the best and cheapest way to get the world's sympathy is through their hearts.

well tried and tested na ang underdog story. the world will root for us to win and they might help us upgrade our defense for free. lol