Monday, August 20, 2012



There was a loud crash, a thud he would hear for the last time. The propeller hurled into the sky, while his body jerked forward, slammed his head into the metallic skin of the ill-fated aircraft. The blow left him unconscious. Unaware that his time had come.

"No, you will not be consumed by the sea..." A soft, feminine voice had spoken. "You have earned your place not only in the hearts of men. But in the bosom of your land."

And just before the sea water came rushing in, a bright light, more beautiful than the sunset swallowed his body and those of his lifeless companions. When the vermillion glow had dissipated, all that is left were winged creatures. Brown like the bark of a Narra tree, and more majestic than the lives they lead on this planet.

Into the sun the creatures fluttered their gentle wings - to soar the heavens and return to their homes; To say farewell and comfort those they will leave behind.

While in the distance, the jagged mountain peaks of the island disappeared behind a bluish veil of clouds, as the engines of the approaching pump boats roared to let the world hear their loss.  

No matter how they searched the heart of darkness. The human remains were never found.