Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Heirophant

And you... Just let your thoughts run freely into that vast space of nothingness. Think of me as your seer as I wander in your thoughts.

At present, you are determined to go your way, driven to finally get what you want on your own. Whatever it takes. But someone close to you is somewhat getting in your way of going where you want to go.

And you value that closeness that you yield your own plans.

There is something you truly want, but it seems to be already there, waiting for you to grab it. But still you can get hold of it.

An opportunity awaits.

Your family is what influences you the most. What drives you perhaps.

At a nearby past, there is a burning desire of passion. That influenced where you are right now.

In the near future, there is an approaching material stability.

Your inner talent.

You have the ability to let go and liberate yourself from the old and start anew in whatever way.

How other sees you: wise. An old soul.

You deny yourself.

Outcome of all these: You will have something to celebrate about.

Thank you for the card reading.

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Sloane said...

You're welcome, let's do another one soon.