Thursday, July 11, 2013


At a burger joint somewhere in Santa Mesa:

"Mahaba-haba pa ang lalakbayin mo." I said, after he told me that he is still a college freshman - at 25.

"Oo nga eh, pag-aaralin mo pa ako." He smirked. I nervously smiled, feigning my annoyance.

"Tapos magtatayo ka ng sarili mong dorm para hindi na ako magbabayad sa inuupahan."

"Yayakapin kita buong gabi. Palagi mo pang hawak si jun-jun ko." He was referring to his dick.

I was feeling grateful after my salary didn't receive a pay cut, and decided to treat the guy for merienda. The gesture was partly done out of guilt - for telling him that I was out of work and lives with my wicked aunt, and for my desire to see him in the flesh. The boy lives a few blocks away. He was easy access should I decide one day to break my abstinence.

Lust aside, something within had softened when he told me that morning he needed assistance - for school - and the reason he was willing to whore himself is to finish college. No wonder he was generous in sending nude photos on Wechat the night before. I thought the only exchange for a good lay was a bottle of beer.

"May motel naman diyan na malapit." He suggested. "Puwede natin gawin dun."

I merely smiled to convey my disinterest in his proposal.

"Weh di nga?" Of course, I already know the corridors of Sogo at the age of 22. I merely answered, "Hindi ako nagpupunta sa ganoon."

"Edi paano, kapag wala na lang tao sa dorm?"

"Puwede naman siguro..."

By then, my eyes were already getting distracted by firetrucks passing by.

"Sino may order ng cheeseburger?" At last, the break I was waiting had arrived. "Sa iyo rin ba itong cheese foot long?" My companion nodded.

"Pinabili ng kasama ko..."

"Pakabusog ka ha?" I said. "Walang kapalit yan."

Many days had passed and still I ask if things would have ended differently if he were a hotter guy. Would I give in, and deliberately let myself get stuck in his web? Would I show a warmer reception, learn his life, and help him in small ways, like I originally planned?

But with sex hogging our conversation, and the material exchange piling up even when our ties have no foundation, the brief encounter was a massive disappointment.

We parted ways with him inviting me for a stroll that night, and me telling him I had to leave for my job interview - at 5 in the afternoon.

The next time he would talk to me on the social app, I could not even find the heart to engage a conversation.

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Seth said...

sounds like angel's burger lang naman? hehe

ganun talaga pag buy 1 take 1 lang :)