Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ask.FM is a social networking website where anonymous users can ask other users questions they wouldn't bring up when their identity is in the open. It is taking my Twitter timeline by storm since last week, and some turned out more of an inquisition rather than a harmless Q&A pastime. Ask me for my insight and I would say that deception defeats the purpose of creating an account, and it's no fun to spin your answers when everyone tries to be real. 
When the trend became the subject among my friends, Garppy suggested that I create my own account. I said I'm terrified of being interrogated. 

"You can ignore the questions that you don't want to answer naman eh." He said in defense. At the back of my head, I thought censorship is boring. I might be able to bury the truth in cryptic answers, but then, it is in my nature to be brutal with facts. 

A single sentence question requires a single sentence reply. 

There were occasions I leaned towards joining the bandwagon, especially when intelligent examinations took place and the ones in the spotlight were able to articulate their responses. But when I thought of the prying questions - some, I would reveal below - I am convinced to leave the mystery uncovered for truth sometimes, trails into darkness than lead people towards the light.

  • When was your last sex and with whom?
  • You have let go of the past, but still, why don't you follow your ex's Twitter account?
  • The kinkiest sex for you is?
  • What was your strongest reason to stop pursuing your last date?
  • Who among your friends did you sleep with last summer?
  • Do you really have to cease talking to those you have hurt and those who have hurt you?

For these are difficult questions, comments will not be allowed for this entry.