Sunday, October 27, 2013


He was a closet exhibitionist long before the others learned this fetish of his. And those who already knew didn't take it against him. 

We brushed it off, like those little quirks that pepper our dysfunctional personalities.

So when I woke up this afternoon, and read on Twitter drop tweets about a buddy who had suddenly become the talk of everyone, I had to find out who he was and what caused the sudden banter on my timeline.

"Nakakaloka lang ang pic na yun," Wrote Prodeeboy. "Never fails to be controversial."

"I must say I'm impressed with the sheer guts," Goodboybaddboii added. "Di ko kaya yun unless anonymous ako."

There were many others who made indirect references about the image, and of the person they were referring to. The comments were harmless and amusing, and would not offend the person who had the guts to show off his family's asset. After a quick check of a dozen updates about the subject, I was able to trace who the culprit was, and the deed that sent everyone blocking their eyes with their hand, while leaving a small gap to peep through their phones' screens.

"Pangako kong pa-birthday sayo amo," He posted. "Delete ko rin after 2 minutes." Attached in that microblog post was his stiff cock, shaved, and held by a hand that apparently, wasn't his.

The guy who did the exhibition was none other than Tee.

His audacity to display his manhood, when conventions dictate that it should kept hidden by all means had taken everyone by surprise. After all, he shows up during our weekly binges, and is the secret crush of many. And for the likes of me who knew him for a long time, behind his mischievous smile is a story we no longer tell. Sure he has a package that is bigger than everyone; it even probed the warm, moist holes and mouths of some guys I know.

In a sense, there's nothing controversial about the photo.

Thus, I wouldn't mind turning a blind eye to his stunt, as I was still reeling from my own fallout during last night's binge. The cock photo didn't turn me on, neither did it cause a feeling of repulsion. I see the owner as a brother. I wouldn't mind what others would say, or how people he hasn't met would talk about his antics. "Impression goes a long way," I mused.

"I'm most certain Tee won't get affected."

But Tee and I have come a long way, and no matter how assured I was that his "harmless scandal" wouldn't tarnish his image, the unspoken thoughts disturbed me. Between amusement and apathy, and people relishing their deepest fantasies seeing Tee's delight, I felt the need to relay the concern, of that fear that he and the recipient would be judged harshly by those who knew them only as a name.

"Tee, yung picture na pinost mo 2 hours na. Kala ko 2 minutes lang? Lol." I sent as SMS.

"Tae, nakatulog ako hahahaha. Salamat."

"Overexposure na. Pinagjakulan na yun ng mga pumapantasya sa iyo. Lol."

"Hahaha. nde aq maka react sa twitter... Nahiya aq bigla."

"At vukheet naman kailangan ng reaction. Haha. Parang walang nangyari lang. Ganyan."

"Para namang di namin nakita na yan no?" I sent as a follow-up message.

"Hahaha tomoh!!! Parang walang naganap. May mga DM na kasi. Hahaha..."

I deliberately maintained a light and non-intrusive tone throughout the whole exchange. At the back of my head, the goal was persuasion: to ask him to take down the picture and not feel bad about the dare. The subtle approach worked and we moved on to other trivial subjects only the two of us could laugh at. When I refreshed Tee's account halfway through the end of the conversation, the picture was gone.

And everything was back as if nothing stirred us on a quiet weekend morning.


JS said...

I've known Tee for quite some time and this doesn't surprise me anymore nor change how I look at him as a friend.

And you've said. It's not as if I'm seeing it for the first time.

Keber na lang, hehehe.

Geosef Garcia said...

Na-curious naman ako about kay Tee. *hihi* He's that bold, huh... :P

JM said...


It's been five years since the last time I've seen Tee's delight - in photos. Weird how it has grown. Lolz


Beyond his tendency to show off his package, and his penchant for flirting with everyone, he's a good guy. Wrote about him many times on my blog before. :)

Jjampong said...

to each his own