Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Matter Of The Unspoken

In my other life a long time ago, my dad set me up on a "chaperoned date" with this pretty lady. She was about the same age as me, and the daughter of his fraternity brother who used to head our security agency. I was a junior at the university, and despite going out with some girls in class, nothing really prospered out of the platonic engagements.

Now this friendly meet-up, which I thought would gain some traction, since it had the blessings of my father, was different. Never had I been paired in the past, thus the air of permanence permeate the first time we met. We went out for some snacks and as the elders had a little chit chat, I had the chance to talk to this girl, and observe her up close. 

She was a creature of beauty, with her rounded hips, thick eyebrows, pointy nose and a full chest that would always catch others' attention. One might even mistake her for a Spanish-Filipina, if not for her thick accent. And she had this vibe of self-assurance that tells she went out with much more interesting boys in the past. Given my lack of self confidence, it felt awkward bringing up a subject to talk about. I can't even recall if I ever found out what her likes were. Much of the account of the meeting was already forgotten because there was nothing really to remember. After all, our conversation was replete with one-liner, close ended answers. 

We never saw each other again.  

My dad spoke to me after the "date" and he had some words that might be useful - now that I am mortified by my ancient demons once more. 

"Ikaw kasi, masyado mong pinakita na interesado ka." He said in a jest.

"Next time, hinay hinay ka lang. Atat ka masyado. Ayan tuloy, nawalan ng gana sa iyo."


Sepsep said...

I need that advice as well. *hehe*

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kalansaycollector said...


haha yun na lang nasabi ko.