Saturday, July 5, 2014

Kibit Balikat

Perhaps, there is a grain of truth in the saying that when you are swamped with domestic concerns, affairs outside your immediate interests offer little value to draw out an opinion.

Like the National Artist snub done by the President to Nora Aunor after the former thoughtfully weighed the latter's past drug abuses as reasons for not including her name in the roster of artists to receive the prestigious award.

Or the carnival-esque witch hunt and imprisonment of legislators accused of plunder. It doesn't surprise me that even a former Senate President and nonagenarian is now under detention in a police hospital at Camp Crame.   

Or the apparently motivated deaths of neophytes after undergoing initiation rites. Much as you wish to understand the reasons for college Freshmen to join fraternities, there's this strong urge to dismiss their feelings and just accept the cause of their untimely passing.

There are other national concerns argued, analyzed and dissected in online forums like the price of garlic hitting past P300 a kilo at supermarkets, the never-ending Chinese boats incursions in the Spratly's, the unconstitutionality of DAP - and the calls of the Leftist for Pnoy's impeachment, the dreams of a former First Lady for her son to run for President in 2016, and so much more. But after some discernment, (which I thought of writing so that one day, I'd able to look back at the events of the day) you'd learn to keep your thoughts to yourself and spend more time pursuing activities that offer tangible returns:

Like finding ways to make money.

And spending that money for material happiness, which has now breached my everyday consciousness.

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