Thursday, July 24, 2014

When The Dog Days Return

Previously: Hard Choices

Please remind me when this Raketship is over, when there is no more demand to leave home before dusk to bring work right on my desk, and when the hours drag, instead of me chasing minutes of a life that is ebbing, I will indulge myself in these activities, and refrain from moneymaking to do what I love best:

  • Accomplish the long delayed general cleaning of my corner. Doing segmented clean ups, like what I did with the coffee table and television stand last month didn't work as I intend it to be.
  • Plant more Lavenders, preferably the cuttings should come from my herbs, and expand the garden outside the Master's bedroom.
  • Attend the evening mass with my mother.
  • Watch the films I sourced from the Internet. Much gratitude to Wikipedia for introducing me to the great wonders of Pirate Bay.
  • Make more time to engage in my fitness activities. I no longer work out three times a week since I always have to catch up and improve my Blurb Writing output.
  • Write more blog entries. I barely make twelve posts every month.
  • Engage in civic activities, and promote social causes that I care deeply. I had ideas in mind - plans to donate books for that library they are constructing on Pag-Asa Island, and yet, I haven't sorted out the books to give away.
  • Do a Brinnie Maxwell and throw unneeded stuff at home. The homemaker in me yearns to break free.
  • And when I have my fill, I will preoccupy myself with activities that would allow me to earn extra cash once more. There is no denial that I'm a changed person since this Raket season began. I have already emerged from these preoccupations a little more assured of my ability to make earnings. 


tipzstamatic said...

wheres the spend more time with Gundam Pilot - the SO? :)

JM said...

@tipz: Won't mind losing time for myself but not with the partner. Hehe.