Friday, February 20, 2015

A Full Eight Hours

Finding my ideal sleeping pattern has been a struggle since my sister asked me to bring Diego, my younger nephew, to the dentist at 10 in the morning. The dental trip falls beyond my waking hours, and because of some personal stuff I had to accomplish before my work at night, I was left with barely 4 hours of shut eye to rest and recuperate my strength. 

Since that fateful day almost three weeks ago, I clock around 6 hours of sleep which I have to squeeze between jobs. That six hours is broken by a few hours of diurnal activity, as the body refuses to have an uninterrupted rest. I had already asked my mom for some pill intervention, twice. It worked for some time, until I found myself getting up at noon only to feel woozy again just when my night job is about to start. 

The sleep deprivation has begun to take a toll on the overall quality of my life. The routine is no longer followed.

And the result was alarming. I had to limit my body movement for several days to prevent a nasty lump from becoming more swollen. The immunocompromised body had to deal with boils just above my birdie. On the eve of Valentines' Day, I left my backpack at the package counter of Shopwise inside Harrison Plaza. I had to get up before noon to retrieve it the following day. Workouts had to be skipped. I no longer have faith to carry on lifting weights when my mind thinks nothing but the bed. Less sleep means more appetite. I have no doubt the accomplishments of the diet have been wiped out by this failure to follow the pattern.

Lastly, since I tend to doze off at night, the job performance takes a direct hit. It will show when I produce the KPI report at the end of the month.

Realizing the problem, I consulted the Favorite Aunt for medical help. I was hoping to restore my sleeping pattern. Or at least, afford more time for slumber with the aid of melatonin.

"Mag Benadryl capsule ka na lang." 

She declined my prescription drug request. 

"Tiyak tulog ka dun."

Following her suggestion, I went to the adjacent Mercury Drug Store while the family is having an early dinner at Savory. Three capsules of the suggested cough medicine, the first I gulped down before going home. It worked as recommended, but the hours spent frolicking in the realm of dreams rendered me incapacitated for one night - to work out at the gym and deliver work.

It was 8 hours of pure uninterrupted sleep. But giving up a night for another daylight didn't accomplish anything - yet. 

When nighttime falls and I am required to make decisions at work, expect me to take naps - again - that would last until daybreak.

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f. jordan said...

Whoa. You now have a new blog. Never realized this was you until today. :)