Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Pains Of Infatuation

Just seven days ago, I was telling Garppy over bottles of San Miguel beer about my longing to be infatuated. That terrible, terrible feeling where your mind is set for just one soul, hoping he would think fondly of you. The conversation started after my drinking buddy spilled the beans about his last date. You see, less than three months after he parted ways with his lover, our romeo is back at the dating scene. Being cute and smart, it was easy for him to meet his match. Garrpy came across this artsy bipolar on Tinder who turned his world around. I would leave the juicy details unwritten, but to cut the story short, after they spent the night at my friend's pad, he wouldn't cease thinking about him.

In school, and even at his side job - while giving instructions on how to snap pictures with high-end cameras; every minute, every moment he would take a break, his thoughts soar back to the Tinder boy. He would send Viber messages, ask him about his activities, and draw him into conversations, only to receive disinterested replies. 

My friend, obviously, didn't like his date's treatment.

Let's just say it all went downhill from there, and for the first time, it felt like my buddy's soft underbelly was exposed. What spared him from more heartaches was his decision to walk away before things get worse. 

It was a good call. 

Less than a month after the events surrounding the Tinder boy, Garppy is once again seeing another guy. He announced on Twitter recently they were exclusively dating.

His story is just one of the narratives I hear once in a while about the people who are about to end the search - only to see ties wither as pairs explore the intricacies of their relationship. While the longing was there, (to be filled with thoughts of a person you would move heaven and earth to see him smile) it is Garppy's lessons I keep in mind now that my wish is granted. Three days after the binge drinking, the Weatherman rang my phone to ask if I was home.

He was nearby.

Knowing it would add another chapter in a tale preceding all the heartaches after the third, I still hurled myself into the waiting arms of desire no matter how fleeting it is. 

And God, after all this time, the feelings only got intense.

We ended the evening, certain the Weatherman will linger longer than Garppy's first Tinder date.

To this day, the intimate moments of February 3rd remain lodged somewhere within my chest.