Thursday, May 26, 2011

End Of Summer

You know it when summer has ended. You hear it with the gentle rustling of leaves. You feel it breathing over your skin, when fine drizzle cools the air with a blanket of mist. It taps on your rooftop, sometimes with a jazzy beat when raindrops fall on quiet evenings, and it carries with it stories of the sea when westerly winds blow and the heavens loom with billowy clouds.  

There is no escaping: The monsoon season marches forth leaving sun-kissers hiding under the shade. Gone are the days when azure skies leave happy campers dreaming and the masses whining how scorched the ground was and how infernal their days were.   

I wish there is more time. But I've spent my sunny days thinking about my nowhere destination. People have become pilgrims in strange lands - island hopping until their pockets all become empty,  while my arching roots barely moved from my spot.

Meanwhile, the rain-bathers frolic, as the sun shies behind the clouds. Drenched but with smiles, they welcome the downpour like a long lost friend. Rivers swell with torrents of water. Lighting knifes across the horizon.  Thunder claps not far in the distance. 

But there's no denial, the earth feels more alive.

And as the runaway typhoon waltz across the land, seen by man-made machines darting across space,  I leave my hopes floating - like a kite defying the wind shears that would bring it to the ground. It's been a year since I stepped foot outside of the city, a trio more since the soles of my feet last pressed against the grains of sand. 

But as long as wet leaves give off this pine scent in places where they grow and moist soil wafts still under my often clogged nose.    

As long as I find greens sprouting in cracks along the concrete, and the neglected plants in my driveway hold back the creeping certainty of withering; A summer's encore would just be an excuse to keep dreaming that one day, 

Palaui Island, Philippine Daily Inquirer

I too will find myself back to the shore.        


claudiopoi said...

aw, beautiful.

someone is feeling a little sentimental tonight. :)

Josh said...

by the way, which one do you prefer? the summer or the rainy season?

Anonymous said...

ahhh matalinhaga yan last sentence sir Mugen a! ganda pala ng Palaui!

Mugen said...


Nasa may elevator ako ng office building tapos nakita ko na maulap na naman. Then I realized hindi pala ako lumabas ng Manila this summer.


I prefer summer hehehe with a moment's passing of rain.


Nakita ko lang sa Inquirer yung photo. Isa ring nag trigger ng aking word vomit. Maligayang pagdating sa aking blog. :)

Mac Callister said...

galing galing talaga. every post, well thought of and ang lalim!!!

the green breaker said...

at ito ba ang beach na gusto mong puntahan? ako rin medyo matagal ng hindi nakakapaglakad sa sand.. sobrang busy lagi.

the geek said...

the endless chase of summer & rainy days...

a few days ago, staring outside the office, the sun was high and yet it was raining. and i thought, sometimes those two, they meet halfway.

it was a beautiful sight. ;)

datu/the wilted prune said...

I like Decembers. :)

(Minus the firecrackers. :-w)

Mugen said...


Mistress, I like Decembers too, with its arctic winds, short days and long, dreamy nights.


Those two sometimes find a common a ground. And when they do, we'd often say, "may kinakasal na tikbalang."

I imagine you staring across a big window in order to take a peek of the sky.


Maraming salamat!! :)

Green Breaker:

Yep, any secluded beach. Selfish na kung selfish pero gusto ko, ako lang at si Baabaa ang mga tao. Wahahaha!

ron.angitawagmosaakin said...

di ko ma digest, teka! haha. :D

Makii said...

as always sir, wonderfully written. i feel the emotion :)