Thursday, May 19, 2011


May 18, 2011

He is seated across the table in a fast food chain at Glorietta. The fast food, which was renowned for its unlimited drinks a decade ago now offers unlimited Wi-Fi connection to its customers. One could even recharge his laptop - for free - as long as he is able to secure a table right next to a socket. I wonder how the fast food makes a profit when half of its customers surf the web instead of munching some fries.

The partner now works from home. Gone are the days when I would drop by his office in Ayala to take a stroll around the park, or even watch a movie before we go home together. Instead, his shift starts two hours behind mine and ends an hour past midnight. With a sleeping time now pegged at eleven, I sometimes wake up only to tell him good night.

I cannot deny that our new arrangement has an effect on my routine.  Now that I have finally able to teach myself to sleep early and wake up to call the partner before he goes to work, the practice will be of no use anymore. No wonder the calls I make often result in premature awakening (and dropping) when I hear no word from Baabaa an hour after lunchtime.

Many of the changes would have its effect in the coming months.  Some will be for the better, while others  will require a turnaround for things to remain the same. I certainly will miss picking him up after my shift and personally drop him home before settling down in my own quarters. I  also doubt if  I could still ring his phone for him to pick up the coffee and cookies I bought from Starbucks to keep him awake - and hopefully inspired.

I will leave the thinking for tomorrow and savor the moment as it unfolds. Catching a glimpse of the partner, silent with his brows creased as codes appear on his Macbook screen gives off this feeling of pride and appreciation. The world he dwells maybe something unfamiliar, but  I'm glad he was gracious enough for me to take a peek.

Meanwhile, there are many things to be thankful for: the "I love you's" and "Baabaa's" whispered every now and then while guests keep arriving and leaving the fastfood; the levels I completed while playing Tower Defense for the first time; the fact we were able to find time despite our conflicting schedules to reinforce a bond which have grown leaps and bounds after he chose me as his satellite.

And him, my planet.

I do not know how many couples date like this. But as long as I am able to inspire the other half to do better in the field he chose to be, talk doesn't matter. 

Love is sweetest when words are left unsaid.