Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The problem began to show early last month - soon after I had my Sky Broadband installed. As the desktop reboots, the screen appears blank. I thought it was power failure, but I was mistaken. My next suspect was the video card. I decided to plug the cord from the NVidia to the built-in motherboard card hoping it would solve the problem. 

But it didn't.  

The same symptoms appeared after a few reboots.

I am running out of options. The desktop is already three years old and it has all the right to act up. While funds are scarce and budget priorities keep my hands tied, sources of  income and entertainment  depend on the machine.

I cannot live without it.

Therefore, I will leap past the age of desktop despite my situation and acquire something everyone already possess. Gone are the days when I would continuously replace the components of my computer to make its processing speed rival with the recently released models. 

The age of customization now ends: I will put all my investment on a mobile device. The machine I require  must be able to play games and could be used to write articles. It must also serve as a repository of songs, videos and ancient word documents I kept in my hard drive.

I need to move beyond the computer table and explore the world.    

** Sa totoo, hindi ko alam kung saan magsisimula.  I don't know what laptop to buy or where to buy it on a zero-interest plan. All I have is the budget - 30K max.  I want a reliable (but not high-end) machine that could last for a long time, and that I won't have doubts bringing around.  

The acquisition is totally unplanned, much less thought of.  But the unreliability of my old desktop is getting into my nerves.  Besides, I have waited long enough for this. Tapos na rin ang pagbabayad ko dun sa una kong binili. Tomorrow is my D-Day and I hope I'm not too late to salvage my old files. 

There is no turning back.  


red the mod said...

Ituloy na natin yung planong Gilmore. Maybe the canvassing I've been doing all these months was not in vain after all. Maybe you'll reap the rewards of my obsessive researching about laptops options. Oh, and they accept credit cards and installments at Gilmore too, with usually a one-year all-coverage warranty.

fox said...

sobra sobra pa yang 30k budget mo for buying a good one!! kung gusto mo samahan kita bumili just let me know!

Kiks said...

nakaka-excite siguro ang maghunt for a good laptop sa manila. dito, two stations lang nandun na ako sa mongkok... ang kaso, wala naman akong pera... 30,000? hmmm, dagdag ka pa ng konti and you will get a good mac na.