Saturday, May 14, 2011


We were made to believe that it never gets broken; that its content management system boasts reliability and its name synonymous with excellence. But no. Words have betrayed me. For the first time in recent memory, Blogger went offline after a routine maintenance check crashed the blog hosting service.    

The website's day-long inaccessibility sent chills across the blogging community. Twitter was abundant with real-time feeds condemning this inconvenience. What made this malfunction infuriating was the sudden deletion of recent posts.

As of this writing, my comments still needs salvaging.

The restoration of the service continues and there is no doubt that this inglorious outage hits close to Google. Not only does it consider Blogger its key product, the search engine's name has already been tarnished by this system failure.

I wonder if Wordpress suffers the same fate.

Meanwhile, complacency must not reign over the brief lull. I will take my chances to protect my posts. Soul Jacker is the planetship. If a time comes when my memory is all that remains, the words written here - in this life repository - is the only footprint I will leave behind.

settings - basic - export blog

"Sir, we have found a way to reverse-engineer the Planetship. Blueprints of an exact copy is now available."

"Send it to our sentry probes," the commander instructs. "Make sure to send as many copies as you can.

"Sending blueprints now... Done"

"Good. should the star unexpectedly collapse or this machine's power plant fails beyond repair, we are assured that another planetship takes our cudgels.

Our entire civilization will not begin from scratch."    



Mr. Brightside said...

I guess it's time to back up blog contents... haaayyyy

Yj said...

hihihi parang star trek, star wars, kiyeme itey... choz...

ipamudmod ang link kung tuluyang maglilipat ng tahanan kuya ha!


Sean said...

there goes their credibility for this "cloud" idea. hay kakatamad na tuloy magsulat. nawala either yung drafts o yung train of thought.

Viktor Saudad said...

ah so eto pala ung nabanggit sa kin na "nawala" ung blogspot. so far, all my entries are intact. may isang comment lang na nawawala.

i used to keep copies of my significant entries sa drive, either notepad or sa word. para kahit offline, i still get to read it.

claudiopoi said...

geek alert! hahaha :)

pero tama! yesterday, twitter had so may #blogger hashtags. i guess it's disconcerting to realize that even the most reliable repository of our memories is not so reliable after all.

pero gusto ko sabihin geek alert pa din! haha :)

Demonyitong Promdi said...

Same thought here dear sir..

daniel said...

Napraning din ako yesterday sis. : )

my-so-called-Quest said...

i know it's funny but i usually type first at Word then copy-paste and publish so i have a copy of everything. like you, i want to have a copy of everything i wrote kahit ano man ang mangyari. :D

thanks nga pala mugen. :)

Louie said...

Much as I wouldn't want to migrate, once this happens again, I may re-open that Wordpress account I've created as a means for back-up also.

Pero, ang hirap palang praning ako for two days! Lol.

Nimmy said...

Tama! Napuno ang timeline natin ng blogger concerns. hehehe

Makapag-backup na nga din. :)

Clarence said...

Good thing i dont have much posts nor.comments..walang nawala hahaha baka effext yan ng end of the world thingy this May 21 haha

green breaker said...

Yeah, we better get copies of our xmls, but we can still leave the blogs here. Exporting is a good option but I guess there was something wrong talaga with the Blogger system; first time ko lang naman to naexperience sa 7 years ko with Blogger.