Thursday, January 12, 2012

Changing My Bed Sheet

Seven days have passed and it's time to change my bed sheet again:

Step One: 

I shared a bed with my mom and dad when I was seven years old. My mom would use square sheets to cover the mattress - whose metal springs protrude and prick my skin. Not only was it horrid to lie on, (because the bed cover had a low thread count and was itchy to touch) every time it gets creased, we had to get out of bed to straighten it again.  

Step Two:

That's because my mom and I used to straighten the sheets just before going to sleep. Forget that our room was cluttered with books. As long as the bed is neat - and clean, I can expect an express trip to dreamland. It so happened that my dad had decided to sleep in the same bed again after my sister was born, and apparently, enjoyed crumpling the bed cloth with his feet instead of covering them with a blanket.

Step Three:

Many years later, the habit prevailed and I would obsess about the smallest details that make up my slumber rituals: 

A neat and spotlessly clean bed is the essence of my personal hygiene. Going into my bed with my work or gimik clothes is out of the question. Bedding include a soft thin blanket, four pillows which I use for my feet (a hard pillow that is three decades old), head (2 average-sized soft pillows) and a fluffy replacement when JC is not around (the cuddly Mr. Pillow) I sleep with my head opposite the headboard. (a force of habit from the time I slept on a mattress laid on the floor) and I am most at ease when the wind from the electric fan blows on my feet.

Step Four:

The weekly habit would have gone unnoticed if I didn't overhear my two barbarian agents brag about how filthy their bed sheets were.

"Basta lalaki, walang palitan ng kubre kama." Said one, a short, portly guy seated two work stations away from me.

"Honga, kung hindi masikmura ni misis, edi siya ang magpalit." Affirmed another.

"Naalala ko pre, pag angat ko nung unan, iba yung kulay ng parteng hinihigaan sa tinatabunan." Both of them laughed. 

I didn't say a word. Not even the tiniest wince at how they neglect their places of slumber. But if one wants to see a soft spot somewhere within my brutish exterior. One look at the corner where I lie and sleep, and it's a give-away...

linen spray: new addition to my bedtime rituals


MkSurf8 said...

bungga hello kitty at tweety bird! =p

ako rin very maarte sa bed. bawal ang outside clothes. at kung may booking sa couch na lang nunca sa bed. jowa lang ang pwede LOL

try mo rin febreze =)

shenanigans said...

don't have the courage to share such.

too personal for me

but good on you mate :)

Poyee said...

that linen spray is interesting.

Makabili nga. :)

Nate said...

nice.. hello kitty and tweety.. ay, maarte ka pala sa bed, kuya joms.. ako pag pagod, isa higa lang at tulog na agad..

pero hindi pagod, hindi rin ako makatulog pag hindi pantay ang unan, or nalukot ang bedsheet.. haha.. or walang tandayan or yakap na pillow.. haha..

Kiks said...

TMI on the bedding but i appreciate the sharing. ;-)

i don't think you'd share my bed, kaya siguro surrogate mother mo ako.

jetlander said...

Hi Mugen, ako din dapat sa paa ang hangin ng fan. I need maximum 6 pillows para makatulog, 2 underneath my knee, 1 sa left, 1 sa right, 1 to embrace and 1 sa head. I can't sleep pag may katabi ako sa bed.

ZaiZai said...

I love lying in newly changed sheets..pero mas love ko ang pag surprise nina hello kitty at tweety :)thanks for sharing snippets of your life mugen :)

Mugen said...


You're welcome. Napangiti naman ako dun. Hehe.


That's a surprise. Di ka pala makakatulog ng katabi partner mo?


Lemme guess, magulo ka matulog no? Lolz?

Mugen said...


Kahit sobrang lasing na, basta usapang kama, kelangang maayos ito. Buti na lang, kahit nakikitulog yung mga tropa kong lasing dati, never nasukahan ang bed ko. Lol.


Matagal na ako meron. I seldom used the last one. Mas frequent itong bago kong bili.

Sa SM Department Store, meron.


I don't see it as too personal yet. Hehe. The skeletons in my closet, yun ang personal. :)


Ay so hindi counted ang bed sa hotel? Lolz.

Leomer Apolonio said...

Reminds of the green tea linen spray. Nakakahilo. Hahaha.

You're such an OC sa bed! :)