Monday, January 2, 2012


The idea for my first blog entry of the year was to write my twelve resolutions. But the plan was brushed aside when JC took this photo with his Panasonic Lumix G2 Camera. 

My partner then uploaded it on Twitter. 

The close-up of a weed with overcast skies in the background had left me spellbound. The subject conjures mixed feelings of tranquility and isolation. There is something about the vespertine image that I cannot put into words, but the subliminal message it attempts to convey somehow distills into a song.

When I look at the picture, Yoav's cover of the Pixies' "Where is my Mind" loops in my head.



canonista said...

I love that song! I think I have that in my music collection. Oh I don't, but I think I heard it somewhere, perhaps in Jam 88.3...

Nice photograph, although it reminds of a native Windows XP wallpaper, but it is still nice, tranquil.

I am already wondering and excited what stories will our blogs tell the world.

rudeboy said...

Thanks for the image and the song, Mugen. Both fit my mood this morning to a T.

Happy New.

Raymond said...

It's hauntingly beautiful.

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Beautiful. Improving ang JC! Winnur!

Désolé Boy said...

Goodness! I imagined Ryan Gosling would appear on the image when the guy started singing.

Tim Smithson said...

Happy new year Mugen!

Chip said...

JC seems to like looking at the world from a worm's eye view. Or maybe it's your favorite among JC's shots. :)

A very nice composition. If you can share a bigger resolution of this picture, I'd be happy to download it and set it as my wallpaper, :)

Chip said...

By the way, maybe it would be a good idea if you ask JC to setup an account in National Geographic's My Shot. Para pwede rin siyang mag-share ng mga shots niya dun. Malay mo, mapili ng NatGeo sa mga best photos. :)

RainDarwin said...

parang iba ang tingin ko sa image.

yung pinag-aaralan sa biology na..

we are the strongest and luckiest na nakarating tau sa sinapupunan hahahahah.

Happy new papa joms.. mwahhh.

Garpppy Garp said...

It is a beautiful image! Galing ah. May eye si JC for photography :)

Mugen said...


Yun rin sabi ko sa kanya. Twice na akong nag-feature ng photo niya sa blog ko. Hehe.


Kulang ka lang sa TLC kaya ganyan. Hehe. I'm so happy for you Papa P. Mwaaaah!!!


Asked him for a larger resolution, sabi niya blurry na daw. I'd tell him that. Sayang nga naman. :)


Happy New Year pare.

Mugen said...


Can't recall Ryan Gosling's face, pero cute na rin si Yoav. Hehe, medyo rugged nga lang ang facial features.


I'll encourage him more. Nag-iimprove na rin ang titles ng kanyang composition. Hehe.


I agree.


You're welcome. Yoav's version is actually one of my "sunset" songs.


Sa Jam 88.3 ko nga siya napakinggan, sa Not A Different Sunday to be exact. Pauwi ako sa hause ni Favorite Aunt matapos ihatid si JC sa airport. Papunta na kasi siya sa Canada nung linggong yun.

Kiks said...

it fascinates me how one structures one's life in things ordinary people like me could never imagine. or possibly comprehend.

"sunset" songs and a sad yet hopeful photo.

happy new, mugs.

ZaiZai said...

indeed it's a nice picture :) I imagine lying in the grass and that being my point of view. happy new year mugen! :)

daniel the jagged little egg said...

Wow the picture and the song are both breathtaking! Happy new year bro!

Mugen said...


They're complementing no? Haha tawag mo na sakin bro ngayon ah! :)


Yun rin ang pakiramdam ko nung una kong nakita yung picture. Hehe.

Happy New Year rin!


I like the way how the picture and the song struck you. Desolate, Serene, Hopeful.

Happy New Year Mama!