Sunday, January 29, 2012

Director's Cut

There are two boxes of Shakey's Pizza on the swivel chair, and a bottle of Coke Litro inside the fridge. The free food came from the boss who is celebrating his birthday today. Meanwhile, an agent requested to work at home. Same excuse - no adult to look after his siblings. He didn't have to tell it again. The boss doesn't mind and so he remains off the hook. Another one is absent. His none-presence leaves me with only three agents to look after. 

And I call myself a team leader.

Last week, an agent who stuck with the company after many others were retrenched, left. He will be working in a call center, he told me. Word flies however that he's saving up for his wedding. Many believe it's his reason for the career shift. Call Center. Agent position level one. I can't help but feel disappointed.

To think he stayed with us for more than six years.

Calls diverted to the company are dwindling and so is the revenue. If preliminary reports are to be believed. The first month of the year is a disaster. It will go down in history as the month we had our lowest volume yet. I've always warned that this situation is bound to happen. The products are obsolete and so are the business practices. I did my best to voice out my worries. I even sent leads to find new clients.

But I guess someone needs to be pushed against the wall first, before action is really taken. 

In a few days, a new cycle begins. I don't know how the business goes but the boss remains an optimist. He told us a few days ago about this new client he's speaking with. If the proposal gets the green light, we might even increase the seats - to even half of what we used to before our numbers were cut. Another account is expected to fold and the volume of calls - I predict - will remain a stalemate.

Much as I would like to see the glass half-full, I don't want to throw a party yet - not until we see results, or at least, a sign that this workplace is really back on its feet. If there's any reason for staying, (shame on me. I already attempted to leave twice, only to take back my word after a heart-to-heart talk with the boss) I'm planning to make this place a springboard for other profitable ventures 

Like Bentusi
Like my dream of returning to the academe - to teach.

Without losing my regency in the office.

Lest I forget, the agent who is absent tonight will be sending his resignation letter soon. No word yet if he had found a new job, or his life had become too much of a train wreck, an inward restoration is required.

And for those who have remained throughout this roller-coaster ride, to manage not to sink despite nearly tipping over a full year ago is a good indication that maybe, just maybe, the straight path to recovery remains somewhere around the bend.


Leomer Apolonio said...

Whichever comes first, it's like a risk to stay and a risk to leave. And as my good friend/mentor told me, "always pursue your passion, that thing that will make you happy... and money will come along naturally..."

Well, for the last part, I have yet to experience. LOL.

I think you have an awesome boss. Make friends with him/her. :)

Mugen said...


He is. That's why people who have grown accustomed to the company hardly leaves, even when the pay isn't that much. :)