Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spaceship Adidas

Boys and gays, I'd like to present my new bag. It was a Christmas present from JC.

A scrooge like me will never spend on something like this. I'd rather let my old mobile personal carrier get torn to shreds first before it gets replaced. 

Now if you're wondering about its contents, on a regular work-out day, these are the stuff I keep inside my bag.

1. Jersey Shorts

2. Muscle Shirt

3. Small Towel

4. Driver's gloves

5. Rubber gloves 

6. Wooden Rosary

7. Prayer book

8. New Testament Bible

9. Eyeglasses

10. Samsung Champ (Aquario)

11. Ipod Touch (Furion)

12. Kenneth Cole Reaction Wallet (Favorite Aunt's gift last Christmas)

13. LF&C Leather Coin Purse (Made in Bacolod City)

14. Polar Bear menthol inhaler

15. Oatmeal in a plastic container (for the weight-lose effort)

16. Umbrella 

17. Polo black (Greatkid's present when he went to the country for some R&R last year)

18. Tote bag

Not included in the family picture:

19. Canon Powershot A495

20. Small plastic file case

Obviously, the plastic file case is for paper works, and the digicam, while seldom used for social occasions, hopes to find its place for my journalistic pursuits (we will never know when an event will happen)

With my tote bag, I will never have to use plastic pouches again for shopping. Besides, it's a souvenir from last year's International Book Fair at the Mall of Asia.

The rosary and the prayer book have been around since I started using the beads again for prayers. The New Testament Bible was a recent replacement. When on a pilgrimage at the monasterio some years back, I used to read passages between the mysteries. The old Book was handed over to a colleague when she was seriously ill.

She recovered after a month.

So these are the contents of my backpack. When a situation calls for it, even a 16-inch laptop, a blanket and two days worth of clothing and toiletries can fit inside its spacious belly. I'm not sure if the bag is weather proof, but the logo speaks of expectations.

Now that I have kept a promise to Miss Chuni, you may want to join the meme and show off the contents of your bag. 


RainDarwin said...

wow. peg ko ring mag post whatz inside my bag! Abangan mo papa joms, andun yung adidas shorts na gift mo sakin noong christmas.

Mr. Hush Hush said...

hehe we have the same coinpurse! mine though came from boracay..

I also love the wallet hehe

Kiks said...

hmmmm.... i have to do this meme.

and following Mr. Hush Hush, we seem to have the same bag... but JC did not give it to me.

Anonymous said...

So posh...I like your umbrella. Mas maliit, mas okay dalhin.
And I remember I need to buy new gym gloves. Pfftt.


the green breaker said...

bag raid! chuchal.

a lot of things on the bag! but one thing's missing...


Garpppy Garp said...

Ako din parang gusto kong gawin ito! My bag is so messy, sobrang daming papel. Haha!

jetlander said...

Hi Mugen! gagayahin ko kayo ni Ms. Chuni :)

Mugen said...


Aabangan namin. :)


You too. Maybe the activity might force you to throw away the papers and receipts inside your bag.


And what is that kid? :D

Mugen said...


Carriedo, meron rin sa Recto. Those rubber gloves there can be bought for 80 pesos. Puwede na for 3 month's use.

Mama Kiks:

Can't afford to buy one. And even if I do, I'd stick with a much cheaper bag. Hehe.

Mr Hush:

Can't remember who gave me the purse. Pero para hindi pakalat-kalat yung coins ko, had to put it all in a single storage.

Papa P:

Ay may bag ka? Hindi nga? Lolz.

bien said...

Is this the entry you were in quandary about whether to publish in english or filipino?

just like joe, may hinahanap rin ako. nasaan ang modess?

Blakrabit said...

nice! Syala! Gusto kong gayahin pero mukha lang trashbin ang bag ko. LOL!

daniel the jagged little egg said...

Kaya pala lagi kang may dalang backpack sis'. : )

Like ko yung pabango na polo black. Hang bango nun hehehe : )

john stan said...

i would have wanted to write about the contents of my bag as well but i can't seem to choose which of the three bags lying inside zoom's trunk to feature.

you see, i am always, vacation-ready.

Mugen said...

John Stan:

As I always say, Zoom is your home. :D The bag meme is not applicable to you. Lol.


Uu. Once pa lang yata ako hindi nagdala ng backpack nang magkita tayo. Nung sinama mo ako sa Palawan 1. Lol.

Sana okay ka lang. :)


Dare!! Gaya na Idol.


Yes. I was trying to sound like Miss Chuni during the first revision then I translated the entire entry into English. And then I found it bland.

So I changed it again, tried to be more direct and this is the result.

Honga no, I forgot the napkin. Hehe.

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

hondaming laman!!!! :D meron akong hinahanap, akala ko me baon ka nun. bwahahahaha. sikwet!!!

Pepe said...

ang daming laman! bag ni Lovi Poe sa Temptation Island ang naalala ko. nag-aantay ako na nasa dulo ng list mo sofa, washing machine at yong mga iron plates galing sa gym. LOL

(sinilip ko tuloy ang laman ng bag ko.. puro papel at ang gulo. minsan, ako mismo ay nawawala sa loob ng aking sariling bag. haha)

ZaiZai said...

love the bag! I love anything adidas. saya ng laman, laging ready for workout :)

Xian Garvida said...

nahiya naman ang bag ko!haha mga pyesa ko di ko maayos-ayos,haha

Ms. Chuniverse said...

Shusyalin magregalo ang baabaa mo!

At ang contents, parang pinalayas lang sa balur. hongdami! hahaha! Chos! :)


Leomer Apolonio said...

Makagawa nga rin nito! I'll show what's inside my bag!!! :)