Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Clicktivist

I don't mind the hacktivists taking over government websites. After all, their intentions are clear. They are sending a message the netizens approve. There too, is a pattern to their incursions. They take over websites at past midnight, and the portals they assault - like the Bangko Sentral and the IPO hardly affect the lives of ordinary people. I am so amazed of their advocacy that I "liked" their Facebook page this morning, and told myself that these are the same anonymous IT soldiers who would carry on the battle should a cyber-war breaks between us and a hostile country. And they exposed too the vulnerability of our government-run webpages. For that, they could count on my support.

However, when a ddos attack ceased access to Project Noah - a website dedicated to rain forecasting and flood monitoring - my support quickly disappeared. I wouldn't mind voicing my appreciation for causes that assert my rights. But when privileges get abused, I can't help but acknowledge the limit to one's freedom of expression.

When these acts of sabotage couple with ignoramus Facebook wall statements claiming "that we have lost our freedom" and "it feels like Martial Law," disillusionment is not far behind. Having a sociologist for a mother, I am very aware how herd mentality limits people's ability to think rationally. 

And I believe we have crossed the line.

I was among the first to change my profile picture to black on Facebook. The protest I took part was able to send a message. I could even say that the goal was accomplished, given the news articles and reports aired the next day. But when people starts overdoing things - and we become the reason these laws get drafted, it is time to reassess one's stand.

Tired of all these nonsense, I am returning my Facebook page back to what it was - before these revolts started. It seems like we don't deserve this much freedom, after all.