Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mercedes Benz

W 115

The boss drives a red Mercedes Benz W 123 to work. Hailing from the late 70's, the sedan is honored as the best of its time. The boss also has a large poster adjacent to his table. Framed in old wood, and with words Gut Getroffen below the three-pointed star, there is no mistake that the wall decor refers to Karl Benz' early creation.

I do not know what other Benz stuff my superior collects. But when my feet carried me to Cubao X for some Christmas Shopping, I spotted a Benz car parked on a glass shelf.

I took the toy and felt it with my hand. It was made of tin and could fit inside a shoe box. There is a certain class to its obsolescence. Arcane. Its stories speak like a sage telling the lives it had seen. I thought of my boss as I let the sedan's wheels run over my skin. I remembered the poster at the heart of his quarters.

So I asked the store keeper how much the toy was.

"Two thousand," She said.

Knowing the collectible is beyond my means, I took out my phone camera, and while the storekeeper was looking elsewhere, took a snapshot of the Benz.

"Boss Paye," I wrote, before uploading the picture on Instagram.

Perhaps in the future. When I get promoted and my salary doubles. I will return to Cubao X and swing by the antique shop. Maybe then, when the tin-plated toy still sits on its glass shelf, I'll get it for my boss, 

As a Christmas present; As a worthwhile addition to his Mercedes Benz collection.



Archieviner said...

I'm sure your boss will be happy kung rereguhan mo na sya nyan. Baka ipromote kapa. Buy it now. joke. lol

JM said...

in that regard.. i fancied trying to complete those ferraris from shell. i ended up giving them as gifts.

Mugen said...


Technically, I'm second in command sa office. :)


Kanino mo sila binigay? :D I kept one, so that my nephew would appreciate it when he turns a year, or two older. :)

JM said...

sa mga kinakapatid ko. i play kuya kasi to some youths. binigay ko as bday gifts. pero mukhang ndi nila mashado nagustuhan. haha.

JM said...

addendum: ikaw na boss. hehe. i imagine.. "good morning, sir mugen.." pwede. hehe.