Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Traffic Jam Moment

I was doing some gift wrapping in the living room this morning when my nephew appeared in front of me. In his hands were toy vehicles he took out from the toy box. 

My nephew carefully arranged the toys on the coffee table to simulate a rush hour traffic. A truck and a bus, longer than his arm lead the queue while plastic cars smaller than his fist line behind. The other half of the table is occupied by my gift boxes and wrappers so the toddler had little space to move his mini-traffic jam. 

"Laro tayo," I said while putting away my stuff. Baby Lenin looked at my direction to let me know that it's okay to play with him.

December, 2012

We ended up putting the vehicles on the floor, where there was enough space to move around. There, I was making engine and honking sounds as my nephew wordlessly tugged his cars. I could have spent an hour keeping him company. But a child's play - experts say - move at a quicker pace. I wasn't done yet with his toys when he thought of doing something else.

I could have let the moment pass by without any reference to my own childhood. But just when we were about to put the cars on the ground, a flashback turned the child's play into a moment of reminiscing. I remembered a picture my mom kept in one of my photo albums.

Circa 1983

A long time ago, a kid used to play what my nephew does today when thoughts of traffic jam excites his imagination.


Tim Smithson said...

just loving those memories, being a kid is just one of the happiest days in life. We play, we sleep, eat and live. No problems-

wishing i could be just as the kid I was before. But life is moving..

miss this blog~!

charles said...

parang tumaba si baby lenin! haha, nakabisado ko na figure niya. :p pero cute pa din. :)

JM said...

pogi mo nung bata ah. haha.

i can relate to how you could have spent an hour's worth of time with him.. was trying to remember when i felt that way, un pala it was with our dog. natawa ako bigla. but yes, kahit pet "lang" siya, in some cases that i really can i stop and spend time with him. my ate says kasi he's middle-age na, so i make the most of our time with him.

Erwin Morillo said...

what a trip down memory lane!

this made me remember my childhood moments where I used to play with cars and action figures.


Pepe said...

hangkyut-kyut! dagdagan mo raw ang koleksyon nya ng sasakyan. yon daw yong gusto nya ipahiwatig. :)

Nate said...

cute cute ni baby lenin!!!!!!

Arkinscent said...