Monday, August 19, 2013

A Million People March

Collective rage and indignation these days mostly happens online. In the Internet, where protests form into fashionable words. You will find them posted on Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, and shared among friends and strangers, until the digital bounce reaches the newsmakers.

And as more revelations come out about how billions of taxpayers' money were divided among lawmakers, and Janet Napoles' NGO networks; and how the Pork Barrel queen got away with so much money, that she brazenly puts it in a bath tub, one can't help but turn that gnashing of teeth into a collective march to demand accountability.

So remember the date. August 26, Luneta Park. As we remember the sacrifices of our fallen, let us all join hands and become patriots. It is time to excise some of the "kanser ng lipunan" once and for all.''

1 comment:

Geosef Garcia said...

They should remove this Pork Barrel. I wish for all the corrupt to choke on it due to their greed. *sigh*