Monday, August 5, 2013

Heart Door

I tend to speak in tongues or not speak at all. But that night, I can honestly say my words need no translation. 

It was received by someone brave enough to make a hearty reply.

"To answer your question, dumating ka sa crossroad."

"Sa simulang simula."

"Sa point na unexpected pero inaasahan."

"You came in the unexpected time as well. The day I least expected someone to be there."


"Wednesday two weeks ago, bumalik ako sa dance floor. This time mag-isa."

"Di ako nagsama ng kaibigan for some reasons. At the back of my head, I felt changes are coming. I may not come back."

"Then Saturday nakilala kita."

"A week before everything started, I said goodbye to him."

"Nakuwento mo nga."

"And I didn't expect to find someone who would make me smile again."

"More than smile, I hope you found someone you can connect with. Someone who understands you the way others couldn't."

"Okay na sa akin yun."

"Dun nagsisimula ang lahat."


"Harot rin ako. Pero a lot has changed already."

"Pagod ka na sa digmaan."

"Matagal na akong tapos makidigma. To the point na kaya ko na i-manipulate ang outcome, wala pang harapang nagaganap."

"Pagod na ako matagal na. Sumuko na ako matagal na. Until you came."

"That makes us battle-weary individuals."