Friday, March 21, 2014

Always And Forever, Donna Lewis

Every time Donna Lewis, the musician, comes to mind, I remember our driver's confession many years ago while getting absorbed with her music.

"Ang payapa nung kanta." He told me.

He was listening to her hit single, "I Love You Always Forever," repeatedly. I was already a fan of Lewis, and to my relief, it seems that my favorite artist connects with people who barely understood her song's lyrics.

With serene melodies that seem to conjure images of desolate places, comfort lies in her soft, breathy vocals. I knew this for a fact, as I have bought her first two albums with my own allowance: Now In A Minute and Blue Planet. I still have them for keepsakes, hoping one day to play once more the entire album to my ears' delight.

Because at a time when musicasettes were the medium to really get intimate with the artist, the acquisition of her albums guaranteed that she will be remembered long after her fame disappears.

I do remember her, fondly, like she never walked away from memory.

Aside from her hit single, the songs Without Love, I Could Be The One, and Fool's Paradise used to be my favorites. I even played Agenais on loop while building my cities on Sim City 2000. And for all the confusion with musical genres, Donna Lewis' songs may be classified as pop, but the singles I have on my library form the backbone of my Light Alternative collection.

Timeless, her songs are for many, but the artist of my generation did fade from the mainstream music scene. The album after Blue Planet hardly received radio airplay, and even on YouTube, a lot of Lewis' singles were never uploaded. It is why when an online acquaintance shared an EDM, whose vocals were supplied by the Welsh artist herself, it is, as if, she returned with all the memories I have of her.

"She will be loved, always and forever," the Antifornicator replied when I made reference to the artist on my Twitter timeline. I posted on my social media account how happy I was to learn that she is still very much in the industry. And like with her other songs, Donna Lewis' You and I goes on playback on YouTube since my discovery last week.  

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