Saturday, April 19, 2014

Twilight Of The Fallen

Previously:  Docking Into Orbit

You do not aspire a harmonious union with hang-ups still leaving their footprints in the sand. This, I promised to work on given the countless acts of seduction I did in the past. However, I didn't pursue the planned encounters as a result of those digital coquetries. They were stalled, so I can hold my word and remain untouched for the one I am supposed to wait. 

Yes, you get it right. You, who will one day stumble upon this blog entry: For all the chances to have sex with someone, the resounding answer is, no. This, I have done with such flair, so as not to reveal our budding romance. I was certain of a destination, and as a show of respect, the crafty spinning is the proof that I am into you. No longer the distractions matter.

I don't want to spoil that one chance you will give to me.

Case Number One:

Musta JM?

Ayos lang. Alay lakad. Ikaw?

Heto, nganga. Will you be doing anything after that?

Not sleepy yet? I'm rushing to get home. Takas ako sa bahay.

Hindi pa. Needed to rush some work stuff. But I'll be spending the weekend at a hotel. Stay with me. :D

No can do. I'll be out of the city. :)

Case Number Two:

Wood wood spunky

No reply.

Hard morning spunky. Hugs!!!

No reply.

Case Number Three:

I'm horny as hell. I want to fuck.

No reply.

It may not earn your trust. It may not mean something at all. But just so you know, I have my own personal battles, and I choose to win them for the both of us. I've just shown how I'd go to great lengths to demonstrate my good intentions. And should we find ourselves merely dreaming of the same sunshine, may this be a lasting offering. 

A legacy I hope you would remember:

Seldom do I lend my heart, and the reason I would go this far to deprive myself, is because you deserve such kind gesture.

Even when there's nothing really to speak of about the two of us.

1 comment:

Seth said...

Hoping for the best :) Being celibate didn't work out for me at all. The more I tried to stay pristine, the more daunting it became to wait.

During the time I gave up waiting and had the time of my life... that's when he came and tried to convince me he'll be the one :)