Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Pocketful Of Sunshine In A Sea Of Glum

The product training for the new account has been postponed. Indefinitely.

The result was catastrophic, given that the organization has put its best people to lead the project. Aside from me, my officer-in-charge, which I see as my successor, has been put on a floater status. I, on the other hand drifts between an employee and an overseer, whose responsibilities have been greatly reduced because of the management redesign before the entry of the new account. I would tell the boss that we did the streamline in such a way that operations can stand on its own without my direct hand. 

Now, the hand is idle, and is growing restless.

It didn't help too that production is down. Once more, there are few jobs coming. I already struck my projection for this month and the target leaves me trembling. The boss can hide his worries, but soon, we will have to face these growing pains head on. There's not much really to do, but wait, and be at the mercy of our offshore lords.  

There is only the cold comfort knowing we have been through this slow death exactly a year ago. 

We lived on.

Then came the arrival of a wayfarer. 

Clad in Gundanium alloy, he soars the skies inside his mobile suit. Against the sun, his mechanical figure suspended in mid-air is a breathtaking sight. The long trail of jet exhaust from his afterburners are no match for my Planetship's clunky thrusters. I would radio its pilot that we are awed by his presence. That he intimidates. And despite these clash of personalities, I have found a pair. It took me two friendly encounters, and a drinking binge with friends - with him beside me -  to get used to his presence.

To his affection.

Uncertainty lies ahead, and there is much to learn about the mobile suit's mystery pilot. But as I was contemplating the fate of the workplace, and the very possible union with the wayfarer, (only three words I am dying to speak and our common lives are finally sealed) I thought that if there is a bright spot to this career meltdown, I put my faith in the hands of the mecha pilot. That his presence in this time of need, even without his knowledge, is enough for me to figure how to get out from my own despair.

And reign in my tiny corner of heaven with nothing but thoughts of him.

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