Monday, April 28, 2014

Endless Waltz

Previously: March 29, 2014

The Gundam Pilot confessed that in his sleep, he dreamed of us dancing under a tree.

"Nagpunta daw tayo sa bukid." He was running his fingers across my back, while the two of us lay naked in bed.

"Dala mo raw yung iPod mo, tapos nagpatugtog ka ng EDM." Smiling, I pressed his head closer to my chest.

"Nagsayaw daw tayo buong maghapon."

No wonder, he wrote last Wednesday on Twitter that he wanted to dance all day. I was curious, like his other admirers. But I refused to ask him about it. All day, his timeline was replete with references of that dream. He would even disclose that he was caught by his boss dancing in his cubicle.

That she would even ask him to teach her bust some moves. I feigned disinterest.

His revelation behind those cryptic microblog updates would only be known to me a week later - when we talked again and reconciled our differences. For we had been at war for reasons that no longer mattered.

Except that it gave us resolve to be more open about our affections.

As the story goes, I was at the Casa for our weekly drinking binges. The Gundam Pilot thought of joining, to meet my friends, and to speak of the cause of our misunderstanding. Between small talks and cheesy confessions, I would trail him to the toilet to steal kisses and tell him how he was missed. Before the night ended, he would speak of that three meaningful words to which I responded with heartfelt affirmation. I knew then, that we only had days before our union is sealed. I was certain of its coming, that I even told Garpppy about it.

We were so drunk, that despite claims of him merely being tipsy, I didn't let him off on his own.

"Stay with me," I whispered while wrapping my arms around his shoulders.

He nodded. 

I brought him to my place.

It was almost daybreak when I was stirred from my slumber. It was him on top of me, and wanting to get even. I obliged, knowing the time is ripe to express my feelings. The fondness was deep, the warmth emanated from deep within. There's no denial I was about to make love with the Fourth and made love I did. At the middle of our cuddling, he paused, to ask if we could make our relationship formal.

"Ikaw lang naman iniintay ko eh." I said while looking at him with lustful gaze.

"Nung sinabihan mo ako ng 'I love you,' I was about to tell you that 'I'm yours.'"  

"I love you," he said once more, after pecking my lips.

"Mahal din kita," I replied while holding both his hands, assured that my grip will never let him go.


onlychild said...

Kilig much! Happy for both of you!!

boyinwolfsclothing said...

Now this is just plain sweet. :3
Best of luck to you both!

Mistersandiman.... said...

See? I told you! :-) Congrats!