Thursday, June 12, 2014

The #RP612Fic

For three succeeding years, I have been writing 130-character stories on Twitter every year on June 12. This long-standing tradition in social media has been going on since 2009. It was started by Filipino authors at Rocket Kapre, whose aim is to commemorate the occasion by bending historical events and peppering it with pop culture references and accounts lifted from current events. This comic mash-up, which often produced twisted ironies has encouraged more netizens to chip in and take their swipes on Philippine history. It never fails to make #RP612fic a trending and newsworthy subject on Independence Day for showcasing the nation's indomitable character: humor.  

The blog for today was supposed to go along the lines of this activity. I was planning to pick one of my submissions and turn it into a long-form short story. However, realizing that I've never blogged the event before, a feature entry is my fitting excuse for posterity. 

Here are my selected micro fiction stories for this year:

Maria Clara used to be a boyband fantard long before she was introduced to Ibarra.

The Nine-Dash claim of Beijing holds merit after all. 

Even during Spanish Times, peace and security is already a problem. Jose Rizal got a taste of what living in the city means.

Too bad for our heartthrob general, he never lived to see the 7,107 likes on his Facebook a week after his death.

Nostalgia sets in for a geriatric who witnessed a time when Demo-crazy was the government. This was the submission I was planning to expound into a short story.



kalansaycollector said...

push sa short story!

isa sa mga paborito kong basahin ay yung mga historical bender. hehe

JM said...


Sayang sana may Twitter account ka rin. Masaya magsulat ng Micro Speculative Fiction. Lol.