Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Summer Capital Retreat (First Part)

It was his idea to go to Baguio. 

Not mine. 

In fact, when the Gundam Pilot said what he had in mind, I merely nodded my head to show approval, yet behind the smiles was a heart unsure how everything would fall into place.

He said our trip is set on the last week of the month, and would coincide with the celebration of our second month of being together. There was a purpose behind his idea. To back out, like I always do when friends invite me for a vacation is out of the question.

This is a getaway between lovers.

So I took the steps to get ready. Slow and lumbering, but a resounding move to make this escapade happen. It was a startling contrast from him, who really moved mountains so this trip would push through. Only a week before our departure did I tell the boss my leave of absence. It turns out, he would be in Osaka with the in-laws to celebrate his wife's 45th birthday.

I told him it was an urgent matter. That I was asked to look after some business interest in behalf of the family. It was the same reason I gave when it was the team leader's turn at the raket to receive my notice. At home, the mere reminder that I have never been out-of-town in long time convinced my mother to let me go.

That, and my reason to be in Baguio for a writing gig.

The truth is, the anxiety of being away from home loomed large over the thrill of this mountain getaway. It's been four years since my Cagayan adventure, and a decade, and a lifetime ago when I last stepped foot in the summer capital. After all those crafty planning to pursue my dreams of seeing the world, it seemed, distant destinations had lost its appeal.

I have become subservient to the calls of my nook.

But there's my other half who is really looking forward to this trip.

And I want to get away with my partner, to know him in places beyond our comfort zones.

So when the boss finally yielded to my request, it became easy to make my own preparations.

Like assigning deputies, who will still report to me when there's urgency at work.

And leaving behind extra cash in my room should the house budget falls short over the weekend.

I did my best to cover many grounds, and make sure all is well in my three days of absence. Yet however elaborate the plans, and no matter the attempts to foresee the unseen events. Only one thing can liberate the heart of its worries.

"Please take care of our loved ones while we are away." I sat on a pew while mumbling my prayers. It was the day before our departure. Instead of sleeping after my work duties, I went straight to Santa Clara to seek the Almighty's blessing.

"And may this be the first of the many amazing journeys the Gundam Pilot and I will take together."

Victory Liner Bus Terminal, Pasay City

Closing my eyes as I speak of my intentions, my thoughts race closer to our destination.

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