Monday, June 30, 2014

The Hangover

A few days after the return trip to reality, the lingering effects of euphoria still refuses to leave my head. There's the resistance to stay awake longer. Instead, there's the cold comfort of sleep even when there's much work to be done. Almost a week after the escape, I still couldn't find the heart to focus on the raketship. The idea of giving up my earnings for idle time has become the new norm after the climb. Lastly, I keep thinking of the places we should have seen, the activities we should have done, the hours we could have stretched knowing too well our journey has a time limit.

If only we could afford to stay longer.

So this is what it feels like to be on vacation: the boundless freedom, the indulgence to spend, the luxury of being able to think only of exploring, of the world that is waiting. Parang ang hirap bumalik sa routine knowing out of town trips like this are hard to come by.

And it's a challenge to move on, especially when the after-rain breeze and thick overcast skies remind you of the magic felt in the highlands.


Seth said...

and to think Baguio pa lang yan LOL

there was one year I went there thrice.

I would really accumulate savings and leaves for out of town trips

JM said...


Yes, what more if we've been to a place I haven't set foot before. :/

Sepsep said...

Mas mahirap kung international ang vacation. Naku naku. Hirap na hirap akong maka-move on noon, compared sa local travel.

Overthinker Palaboy said...

At iba rin syempre ang karanasan dahil importante ang kasama mo sa Baguio :)

kalansaycollector said...

haaay that magic of travelling. :)

JM said...


Yup the magic of travelling - with a companion who's willing to go to places with you. For a Sagittarian like me, it was sheer bliss.

Mr. Palaboy

Tama ka diyan, bukod pa dun, naging masaya ang karanasan sapagkat ni minsan, hindi naging handlang ang mga hassle (kagaya ng ulan) para kami ay maglibot-libot at magsaya.


Baka hindi na ako bumalik ng Pilipinas. Haha.