Monday, November 3, 2014

Minsan Lang Ikaw Bata

One day, I walked inside the Toy Kingdom for reasons no longer I can recall. It might have been one of those random visits, whose pretext was to buy a toy for my nephews. I did buy something at the store - a die cast jeep from Hotwheels - which I bought for the kids. But i kept the toy in my room for so long, that i was inching towards owning the die cast myself.

Toy cars.

I had plenty when i was a little boy. I used to simulate traffic jams on the floor complete with cardboard boxes in place of buildings. I had so many die cast toy cars and so many of them got lost and broken. I have managed to save a few. They now make up the cache of trinkets and mementos that occupy the upper shelves of my dresser.

To this day, they remain hidden from our little boys. The thought of turning them over still terrifies to no end.

Returning to the die cast toy jeep i have subconsciously possessed, the act, which slowly manifest every time i find some painted metal object with wheels lying around the house reawaken the kid within. Maybe it was the collector in me who springs into action, it might even be the hoarder taking over.

As far as i know - and it happened to me many times over -  when a die cast toy car gets into the shelves, it's time to invoke the conscience and remind myself.

"Minsan lang ikaw bata."


"Bigyan mo din ako ng ganyan sa birthday ko ha?" Lenin pointed at the miniature Chrysler jeep inside the loot bag. Its contents are among the first presents I would give away this Christmas.

"O sige next time." I was supposed to say. The toy was actually meant for his younger brother, who like him, has fascination with die cast vehicles.


"Kunin mo na yung toy." He then slid his hand to claim, that object he's been eyeing since last month.

"Happy Birthday..." I said, as he walked away to show his mom his on-the-spot present. 

Written for the Round Table Challenge


citybuoy said...

Awwww! How sweet! I used to have quite a few of those myself. Lakas maka-throwback ng entry na to, Mugen. Salamat sa good vibes. :)

the geek said...

wala ako nito dahil barbie ang nilalaro ko dati. hahaha

Mugen said...


I have barbie dolls too. Hindi ko sure kung nai-blog ko na siya dati. Heehee.


Thank you. :)

red the mod said...

It's painful to be envious of children - how they're easily pleased, the apparent simplicity of life, and the access to momentary happiness.

May you keep them happy, pleased, and cared for. You see, later on in their lives a happy childhood is the only thing that'll keep them from breaking under the pressure of a harsh reality.

Spiral Prince said...

passing on heirlooms is a ceremony in itself. when we pass things on, we surrender a fragment of who we are. the profundity of the act is easily overlooked, but I'd like to think that deep down, there is a part of ourselves that understands in ways words can't express...

AHMER said...

I must say, hindi ko naranasan mag laro noon ako'y bata pa. Bumabawi ako ngayon. =D